Monday, August 18, 2014

Tansy's One!

Tansy turned ONE earlier this month.  
First birthdays are always a monumental event!  A symbol you survived! A reminder that baby-ness is only a season and they DO GROW out of all the crying, the sleepless nights, their multiple sets of clothes... etc!  
It is a celebration!
For the first birthday we like to do a cake symbolic to their first year... something special about them or something that we will remember them by... For Tansy we chose HAPPY... she's been such a happy baby!  I swear she smiled the first day she was alive and has smiled ever since... 
she's such a sweetie!
 And a Daddy's girl! How she loves her Daddy!
 Tansy wasn't sure what to do with her huge cake! She sat there for a long time before she finally put her finger in...
 She thought it was delightful!
 By the end she was flinging it everywhere... as though it were confetti...
 The long yellow cake I made for everyone else.  
It had a number one in the middle of it and it was kinda cool... and a delightful baking challenge for me to tackle....
 Oh Sweet Tansy Grace, how you've been such a delight in our days!  Your smile is contagious and your love of people endearing!  You truly are a precious gift and we THANK God for surprising us with your little/big life!  We pray you brighten the world with your smile as you have brightened our home... may you be a blessing and a gift to those around you!  We are so thankful for this year we shared with you... we pray for many, many, many more!

Happy Birthday, Dear Sweet One!

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Andy and Kendra Anderson said...

This is just filled with too much cuteness!!! L.O.V.E!! And nice job on the you ship?!;)