Sunday, July 6, 2014

Hello Poppy....

The kids have been begging for a LONG TIME for a pet!  We thought about getting a cat.  We'd like to get a puppy sometime in the future (after we get a fence and Micah is done with school). Fish are fun for a day or two... 

Then last month the kids caught a wild, baby bunny.  They were in love.  My family raised bunnies when we were little and Micah had a bunny when he was little too.... so we toyed with the idea.  
After finding little "Hopster" all Eden wanted for her birthday was a bunny.  
When she got birthday money in the mail from Nana Rose... I asked her if she wanted to spend it on getting a bunny?  After thinking it through and weighing whether or not she wanted to spend her dear "cash" on a bunny -- she decided yes! It's funny how easy it is to spend the parent's cash, but how it changes when it is your own money... I loved watching her work that out.
 Micah found a rabbit cage on Craigslist and he and my dad and my brother spent the day fixing it up... replacing some chewed boards and old wire.  It is a great cage!
The bunny showed up and Eden fell in love. 
Eden named her Poppy - the name she's had picked out for a long time!
Poppy is a french lop mix... cute and gentle.
Eden is learning how to be responsible - feeding and taking care of this little thing.  Ethan is learning how to be gentle and not pick Poppy up by her ears.  

I'm in shock that we are a pet owner - as if we needed one more thing, but she's a good thing and Eden got what she wished for - for her birthday.

Welcome to the family, Poppy!

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Carolyn said...

Poppy was the name of the wonderful dog we had when I was growing up. Very sweet. We are considering becoming pet owners... you'll have to let me know how it goes.