Sunday, July 20, 2014

Hauser Lake Get-a-way...

Our house has been a little bit wild the past few weeks.  The kiddos were all sick with the annual "after VBS" bug... it was a bad one this year!  I've been so tired dealing with the late nights and the additional needs in the middle of the night that this trip (although planned way back in May)... snuck up on me!  
 Matt and Michelle out of the kindness of their heart, invited us to their family cabin at Hauser Lake to hang out and to collect firewood for our fireplace.  What a BLESSING and a huge gift this weekend was.... I'm overwhelmed with their thoughtfulness!
 It was a wonderful weekend for the kiddos as they got to experience all sorts of new things!  Like for instance, early Saturday morning they got to sift through dirt and mine for sapphires, while Matt and Micah were off cutting down dead trees for firewood.  How cool is that!???!
 Sometimes I think the coolness of their life is lost on them... I remind them often - that the things they get to experience and do is so amazing.  I pray that they will get this!  Waiting for Daddy to get back was the hardest part for the kiddos... they had this amazing place to discover and explore, but they were being difficult and so I tried to come up with all sorts of games to play and do like a treasure hunt and nature tic-tac-toe...

 Cat's game... 
 I even bribed Ethan with a can of pop and fruit snacks to climb this mountain... I know... I'm pathetic... BUT he did it... he didn't think he could, but he DID!
 The boys cut down a lot of dead trees... we'll be warm this winter... I'm so very thankful!
 For lunch we took the big boat out on the water and ate while we explored.... it was so cool!
 The kiddos thought it was pretty stinking cool!
A rare family pic... almost everyone was looking... Eden was being a STINKER!

After the boat ride and while Tansy was napping in the cabin with Matt and Michelle we took the kids out for a 4-wheeler ride..
 The kids loved it!
Eden and I rode behind the boys and when we got back we were COVERED in dirt... a little dirt don't hurt... right???
I was thinking our day was pretty full... AND THEN the kiddos got to go fishing!
 This was their first time fishing... a shame, I know!  But that is our life!
 Is it cheesy to say they were HOOKED!??
 It was so beautiful, so quiet... so full!  I'm so thankful... oh so thankful! 

 I'm thankful for how Matt and Michelle embraced our kiddos... teaching them, discovering with them, enjoying them... being OH SO PATIENT with them.  It was such a beautiful gift!
Right before we left for home, Eden brought me these morning glories... they were beautiful -- a perfect end to a wonderful weekend.  I shared with the kiddos on the way home - how blessed we are!  God abundantly blesses us in ways we don't expect or could imagine.  I explained that I truly believe it is His way of telling us He loves us!

I mean mining for sapphires, boating, 4-wheeling, fishing... all in one weekend? 
Pretty special indeed!

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