Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Tansy Grace: 3 months

My normally smiley girl was pretty serious today... I guess being 3 months old is serious business!  We've had a tough few days... feeding issues, gas issues -- growing pains!!! 
 I'm so thankful she is 3 months... I look forward to 4 months, 5 months... a year! I love the passing of time and enjoying the moments we have together... snuggle times, feeding times... seeing her smiles.
 Each baby... refines me, challenges me... reveals my selfishness, my limits... Micah and I grow in our communication and team work.  We laugh, we cry... we pray A LOT!
More than anything we are thankful that God has entrusted us with these 3 lives... and we pray He gives us the wisdom and grace to parent them well!

Happy 3 months, Tansy Grace!

Cooler Weather...

Cooler weather is settling in... I can feel it in my bones!  I'm cold all the time and all I want in a cup of tea and to snuggle up in a blanket.  
 Our fall has been gorgeous!  We've soaked up every single moment we outside possible, but it is time for cooler weather. Time for a slower pace, quieter days, blankets, tea... rest.
 I love how God gives us seasons... there is truly a time for everything!  By next spring we will be itching to get outside and to make the most of the summer, but for now we are looking towards winter.  We are slowing down, backing out of commitments... we are reflecting and feeling thankful.
It's a beautiful time... a needed time... just in time!