Monday, July 8, 2013

Eden's 4th Birthday...

It's hard to believe this little one has been in our lives 4 whole years.  Seems unbelievable, especially with a new little one on the way! I've been having panic attacks at night - sweating about not knowing how to take care of a newborn... it's been 4 whole years! 
 Birthday celebrations are big deals in our house! We plan the cake for weeks... Eden decided she wanted a lady bug cake -- months ago!  She also decided that anything pink or shiny in the toy isle was what she wanted for her birthday...  I love the excitement... the celebration of life!
 We did mac and cheese with hotdogs for dinner... believe that is what she chose last year as well! A few friends joined us... all her little friends couldn't come - which was a bummer, but it made it simple!
 I'm truly amazed by this child... all her complicated emotions -- she truly teaches us so much! And she has an assortment of interesting faces!!!

 The evening ended with a scavenger hunt - put together by Micah... it was cute!
 The hunt ended up in the back of the van... and she found her new bike!
I felt all choked up watching her ride her bike around... she can't be big enough to ride a bike.... can she??? Happy Birthday, sweet birthday girl! (now please don't break your arm on that bike!)