Sunday, April 14, 2013

Animal Rescuers...

 A few months ago in the midst of prego sickness... I made the kiddos a little "vet" kit.  They are into rescuing animals (thanks to TV show Go Diego, Go!).  We needed something to do to keep the little minds and fingers busy... I had lots of fabric scraps... it came together quite easily.
Since then I see the kit come out every once in a while.  The little animals are rescued and covered with bandages.  I love listening to the dialogue as Ethan bosses Eden around... and Eden does her own thing!
 I love creative play...
 This weekend we made some medicine bottles to go with the kit.  Ethan was amazed that I had so many medicine bottles... it's been a long pregnancy thus far... 17 more weeks to go!
I love how the labels turned out.  The kids decided to name their clinic the Ethan and Eden Animal clinic... I shortened it to the E&E Animal Clinic.
I think it is a fun little kit... I made the bandages out of muslin ... there are multiple sizes -- to fit on elephant trunks or around a tiger's tummy with velcro attachments.  I made a few slings that fit on particular animals... there are a few blankets (not pictured), a bowl for food, a felt bone.  Maybe we'll add to the kit as time goes on, but for now it is pretty cool and well used!!!

Saturday, April 13, 2013

The Wheels on the Bus...

We have a free bus system in Bozeman... what's even better they are fun, yellow buses! I kept telling the kiddos one day we'd go on an adventure and ride the bus, but since I haven't taken the time to figure out the bus system, I was a little nervous.  Then I found out that my friend around the corner is a bus riding pro... so we planned to "one day" take our kids on an adventure.  
 Thursday morning I surprised the kiddos by telling them... "Today is the day!" They were so excited... we packed their backpacks with water and snacks... and headed off to the bus stop.
 Our first bus driver gave us some wrong info -- and dropped us off on the wrong corner, but it turned out to an even greater adventure because we got to ride the bus ALL around the town.  The kids thought it was great fun!  I figured out we could pretty much go anywhere on the bus... the kid museum, the library... the mall... even the hospital! I'm pretty sure we will be taking a lot more of our adventures on the bus! 
 We eventually ended up at the mall, after we played at the toy store and read books at Barnes and Noble... 
we walked to the park, had our snack,  
and feed the ducks. 
It was a lot crammed into one day ... and to tell you the truth ... I'm still exhausted!!! But I'm glad we finally explored our local/free bus system!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Play Dough Circuits...

Every Tuesday we go to a science class at our local Children's Museum.  I love it!  The teacher is amazing and I marvel at how she breaks down big concepts so that 2-5 year olds can understand!  A couple weeks ago Ethan asked her why she never did experiments with electricity. Bless her heart... this week she did a lesson on play cough circuits.
 She did an amazing job teaching all about electricity!!! It was a blast! It was so much fun she gave me the recipes and told me where I could get all the supplies.  We got all we needed for around 5 bucks (from Radio Shack... the manager gave me a 10% discount because it was an educational project... okay, thank you very much!) and we gave play dough circuits another go this afternoon!
For the project you need a battery pack, LED lights, conductive dough and insulating dough. 
 (for dough recipes and instruction check out HERE).
When Micah got home the two of them experimented with the circuits...
Yes... the play dough does conduct electricity and makes the LED lights light up!!!
(This is what it looks like set up...)
I know so little about electronic stuff... like nothing!!! And this project made me feel like a superstar Momma... and I think I understand electricity a whole lot better and hopefully so does Ethan!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Easter 2013

Some day I'm going to post a few collages from the past few months to catch up on our little adventures... I love pictures -- I just got Eden's second year book in the mail thanks to a free book promo from Shutterfly (Peek at Eden's 2nd year book (here))... Eden had me read it to her 4 times... then after the kiddos were in bed I spent a long time pouring over every page... watching my daughter grow before my eyes.  I could remember every single picture -- where we were, what we were doing... the emotions I was feeling when I took the picture... so precious and special to me.  Now that the baby is coming I feel more of an urgency to catch up on my kiddos year by year books... 
 The day before Easter we found a couple egg hunts... It was funny to watch them.  Eden was a pro... she filled up her bucket in no time.  Ethan only got about 6 eggs... he kept running around in circles... no idea why... it was super funny... Thankfully Eden shared her eggs and so it was all good!
 Easter Sunday we got all dressed up and made it to church early for the first time ... ever!
 Eden wore her princess dress... and looked just like that... a beautiful princess!
 The dress was picked out on a Daddy date... didn't they do a great job???? 
She's a Daddy's girl... and Micah is more than okay with that! (so am I)...
 When we got home we made resurrection rolls... it is our special tradition... 
 When Ethan opened the "tomb"... he exclaimed, "Where did Jesus' body go???"  

At one point in the weekend I asked him why he thought so many people celebrated Jesus' resurrection with eggs and rabbits and he looked at me with big eyes and said... "I don't know!"  I said "me either".... It is special to celebrate the holidays with the true meaning of the day... it is such an amazing opportunity for discipleship... I love seeing Ethan get it!

So thankful for a day we can CELEBRATE Jesus' LIFE... not His death! And the life He freely gives us... He is RISEN!!!

And if Christ has not been raised, our preaching is useless and so is your faith! (I Cor 15:14)