Friday, March 29, 2013

Baby #3

We were told that blue is out and pink is in... this is also what they told us with Ethan and Eden... so time will tell, but for now we will be looking at all things girly.... So thankful she looks healthy... and very active... she kicked and moved the whole ultrasound!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Catch up: Bethany's 21st Birthday

A few weeks ago I got off the couch and rejoined the land of the living. The last four months were probably the worst 4 months of my life!!!!  It was unbelievably hard.  I've been picking up the pieces... since!  While on the couch I wasn't as diligent about disciplining my children as I should have been -- so we've been re-establishing boundaries, working on getting our routine and groove back and reminding them that Momma is back!

I have a ton of pictures to share... and I wasn't sure where to start -- so I figure I will just start with a few days ago... Bethany's 21st birthday celebration.
 Having family so far away -- we've adopted a few additional members to our family.  Bethany fits in that category.  The kids worked diligently to make her birthday presents.  They both created her a book.  Ethan was about "Why I like Bethany" and Eden's was called "Pretty Rocks"... it made me smile how personal and special these books were.  I was proud of my kiddos!
 They painted her a little ceramic figurine... (Ethan painted a whale... Eden painted a puppy)
 And decorated a mug...
 Bethany wanted pizza for her birthday dinner... so that is what we had along with IBC RootBEER! Ethan was thrilled he got a whole root beer to himself (that is a first!)...
My daughter prefers water... I'm more than OKAY with that (I think her teeth are too!)...
 We also surprised her with a rainbow dinosaur cake...
I loved seeing my kiddos EXCITED to make Bethany's day special... it was a good thing!