Friday, June 29, 2012

Up the Canyon...

 Today we drove up the canyon for a picnic and a hike...
 It was a little bit windy, but warm and beautiful!
 The kids played in the water -- the whole time... Eden would running towards the shore screaming, "RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!"  I think they were playing a hurricane was coming or something like that... it was windy, but not THAT windy!
 The sun was warm... a bit too warm and so when our shade was gone we packed up!
Busy Girl...
 Our view...
 This dude never stopped moving so it was hard to take pics of him!
 Hugs for Grampie...
 "Momma, help me move this giant log!"
 Sitting with Grammie!
 We drove further up the canyon and hiked to our favorite water fall!
 Ethan turned into a billy goat...
 I couldn't keep him off the rocks... he is such a BOY!
 I loved that we got out of the house and into the mountains... it was a perfect day to breath in fresh air and to enjoy God's creativity!
It sure tuckered the kiddos out... they both slept on the way home!  

Now let's see if they will sleep in the car tomorrow... we have a good 12 hours +....

Colorado, here we come!

A Glance at our Crazy Week...

Last night I was sitting in the living room with my parents... and I felt a wave of guilt come over me -- they have been here for the week and we have been wild, crazy busy with stuff... party stuff to packing for our vacation stuff...  I've had to set up a watering system in my yard to keep my garden alive while I'm gone, I had to do a mountain of laundry (my Mom folded it all!), I had to pack, put together car trip bags, pack food, and clean -- clean... it has been all work (minus the few seconds of the party fun!)...
I guess they got to live life with us -- but we might have to do something fun today to make up for all the chores we've done this week!

Some pics from our week thus far:
 Eden was teaching Ewan how to draw on the chalk board... 
 Ewan showed Eden how to spread the chalk around on the floor... at one point he did a "snow" angel in the midst of the chalk... chalk angel?
 Ethan has been busy making art projects.... he comes out with all sorts of inventions!
 Each project is intricate and comes with a long explanation... I love what he creates!
 I've caught moments where the kiddos are curled up with Grammie... reading books!
 Grammie brought a stack of books from when I was a kid... I love those stories and am glad I can read them with my kiddos... it is fun!
 I know I shared this pic, but I will again... I love it!.
 I forgot to mention... on Eden's birthday Bethany hid tons of little treasures in the sandbox... when we needed them out of the house so we could finish up the last minute details... she took them outside to discover the treasure!
 The kiddos thought that was FABULOUS!
 It was awesome! Thanks, Bethany!
Remember this view of the cake?  
Only takes seconds to take the cake from fully decorated to just crumbs...
 I took the cake and made cake pops/bonbons... I've wanted to do that for a while... so when I saw the remains of the cake -- this is what I did.  They are "sugar" bombs as my Dad calls them...
 Another sweet moment of the week is when Ethan pulled out this birthday crown for Eden.  He and Grammie made it for her... When he gave it to her - he said it was for the princess! 
I just love it... so sweet!
 The kiddos have been busy playing with Eden's castle and I also gave her this little house I found at the thrift store for a buck... I love watching their imagination as they play!
 There has been lots of play in the back yard... it has been hot this week!
My kids are quite tan!
 Ethan's sand creation... boat island is what he called it!
 Of course... we've eaten lunch outside most days... lunch is always better on a stick!
 The kids are really enjoying Grampie and Grammie... I'm so glad they get these moments together!
 I'm glad Grampie puts up with the wildness!
 Last night we got a fun package in the mail... I will share more about that later-- it is fabulous!  Thanks so much, Lisa!
We've been busy... I don't think I've sat down all week... and in fact I need to go pack myself... we are ready for our vacation in Colorado --- I'm praying the wild fires stop -- and that my friends and family will be safe and their homes protected!  Don't think we will be able to make it down to Colorado Springs, but we'll see!

What a week!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Eden's 3rd Birthday...

Eden's birthday isn't until next week, but with our crazy schedule the next few weeks we had a tiny window of time to celebrate... so we did!
I guess in some small way it is nice to think that I don't quite have a 3 year old... yet! 
She is still 2 in my mind... and will be for a few more days!
Decorating for the party...
Yesterday was a nice day... we spent the WHOLE day preparing for the party... I liked that!  
It was exciting, fun, and special!
The birthday Princess...
The whole theme of the party was "princess"... made me smile because I was thinking to do a worm themed party because Eden loves worms, but when I asked her about it she didn't like the idea at all!  In fact she was pretty sure she wanted a "princess" party and a castle cake!

I had plans to make her a princess dress on Sunday afternoon, but plans changed... so I figured I would just give up that thought, but when I woke up yesterday I felt so refreshed I jumped right in and it only took me a few hours... it was fun having my own model to custom fit the dress too... I think she is pretty cute! I love how the dress turned out... super fun -- super princess!
Building with Grampie...
I'm glad my parents are here.  Their presence adds an element of excitement to the air.  They had the wisdom and forethought to bring Ethan a little present... it was perfect for yesterday...
A new jet plane!
I think Sister's birthday was a little hard for this big brother.  BUT so good to learn how to not always have to be in the spot light. 

 My parents gave Eden her present in the morning (before the party) and it was perfect!
 They got to see the kids play and enjoy the present all morning long...
  The kids loved the personal attention and I thought it was a special time!
The Castle Cake...

I spent the afternoon working on the "cake"... it was a hot day and even though I worked on this in front of the AC with another fan blowing on it... it was hard to keep the icing from melting off the cake.  I always try a new frosting recipe each time... don't ask me why... this recipe is going in the trash!!!  It was downright frustrating.  I spent most of the time trying to keep the frosting on the cake!
 Eden liked it... and in the end it all got eaten... so I will call it a success!
 I love this smile!
 Eden was so excited to have the "happy birthday" song sung to her...
look at this cute little grin!
 Ethan helped blow out the candles...
 Eden tested the cake and found it to be good... 
 although she only ate like 3 bites off her cake! Too much beforehand snitching... I think!
 All day long I couldn't help thinking how Eden is so beautiful.  I'm amazed at the little girl she is becoming... she is growing up... that is for sure!
 I love her!
Her birthday gift this year was a little castle I got --- years ago when I was her age...
seemed appropriate.  I'm glad my mom hung onto it for all these years... they sure don't make toys like this anymore!  Good old Fisher Price!
By the end of the day... only crumbs were left... and they symbolize the celebrating that was sprinkled throughout the whole day... I loved it!

Eden Eve, you are a beautiful Princess!  Happy Birthday! I hope you know how proud and THANKFUL we are of your little life and the ways you are growing.  I pray that the beauty that we see on the outside will be overshadowed by the beauty that grows within.  I pray you will learn to walk in love and grace as you come to know the overwhelming love and grace of the Father.  Thank you for what you have taught us... the ways you have challenged us... you truly are a gift and we love you!

Happy 3rd birthday... (almost)!