Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Big Kids...

I am still in shock that we took a trip with the kids... and it was PLEASANT! In all my experiences traveling with my kiddos it has HARD (to say the least).  They get thrown off their schedules... they react, won't sleep, get cranky, cry, act horribly... and STRESS me out.  This trip they were FUN to be with!  We enjoyed our 20+ hours in the car... we took our naps or missed our naps without major breakdowns and tears... it was a blessing.  I am liking this older kid phase... A LOT!
Papa Bill emailed me this picture of Ethan that he took while they were at the park...  I really like it! 
Ethan Cade... 4 years old...
Eden Eve... up a tree...
Eden Eve... 2 years old...

Monday, November 28, 2011

Our Thanksgiving Trip...

***I've been experiencing blogging blah... So for those of you who are wondering where I have been... this update is for you!***
A Happy Momma!
 For our Thanksgiving break we took an impulsive, spontaneous trip to Colorado to visit family!  The trip both ways went super well.  This trip gave me hope that traveling with kids 
can ACTUALLY be fun... 
Dadda and his little girl!
We had beautiful weather!  I had to laugh that I packed snowsuits, gloves and boots... 
we sure didn't need them! 
 On Thanksgiving we spent the day with Micah's dad, brothers and their families.  There was lots and lots of energy, activity and wildness!  And I must mention INCREDIBLE food... fabulous food!
The next few days we spent at Nana's house! I love being related to this family - they are loads of fun.  There were spontaneous dance parties, wrestling matches, lots of food, more food, and deep, rich and meaningful conversation! The kids played hard!  And to be perfectly honest... I didn't see them much! 
Isabelle, Ava, Eden, Eme, Liam, and Ethan
 They were with their beloved cousins (all pictured above)
Being loved on by Aunt Jen!
 It feels good to be loved! Being with family is a blessing... one we don't take for granite... we are so far away from both of our families... just being able to get together and enjoy each other is a gift... I haven't laughed as much or as hard as I did this past weekend in a L O N G time!
 I couldn't help but throw in a picture of the other Forsythe family... I just love this picture!  It was spontaneous... and may have ended up on their Christmas card!
Now we are back home... back to reality... I love this picture of Ethan because it captures our feelings quite well... worn out from the wild week we had... tired - but oh so happy and thankful!

It was a blessed Thanksgiving!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Snow, Snow, Snow...

I am so thankful that the snow held off coming until November this year... For the past few years having snow in September made for some really, really long winters! This week we got a few more snow flurries... making it a winter wonderland outside!
Despite the low temperatures Ethan wanted to be outside playing... everyday. He is getting really good at snow angels!
Eden joined him a few times and she is working on her snow angels... they look more like modern art at this point in time... but A+ for effort! Micah thinks she looks like Ralphy from the Christmas story Movie in this picture...
I can't help it... I want my kids to be warm enough!
I watched from the window and a few times even ventured out to the porch to take some pictures... Ethan: "Momma, take a picture of me throwing snow in my face!"

I need to dig out my snow suit... hum!
We didn't do too much this week... I'm still trying to recover from the flu bug... this one was a nasty one... I finally started to feel more like myself on Thursday.... I could tell I felt better because I starting attacking projects with a vengeance!
On a side note: I love my kids eyelashes...
Aren't they beautiful?
Snow play is the best... wears out this little boy and that is HARD to do... his energy is incredible. Yesterday while he was playing he came to the porch and rang the doorbell. When I came to the door he EXCLAIMED, " Momma, I need HELP! I found the biggest icicle in the WHOLE world and I need help getting it down!" I sent Micah!
Ethan was pretty excited about this giant icicle... he even brought it inside with him!

Thanksgiving Thankful Thought #6: While editing these snowy pictures I was overwhelmed by how thankful I am for a warm"ish" house... a newly fixed wood pellet stove (just in time for the really cold temps), warm woolen socks, and hot tea! I feel like this month of thanksgiving is passing quickly so I will have to make up for it by being thankful for the rest of the year... because we do have a LOT to thank God for!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Weekend Bliss...

Our weekend was full of activity, energy and people! Here are some highlights...
(from Left to Right: Melanie, Paige, Bethany... and me)
On Friday: A whole bunch of worlds collided... Bethany was visiting - I met her in Moldova and we (Kasie and I) are trying to convince her to move here and attend MBC... (keep your fingers crossed). She is a dear and I got to see a bit of her this weekend - which was a TREAT! Melanie (Kasie's cousin and a student from MWSB's class of 2011) is a sweet one! And of course PAIGE!!! None of these girls had ever met before but we had a blessed day of fellowship, laughter, shopping, and mint chocolate chip milkshakes... it was fun!
On Friday Night: Paige watched the kiddos and Micah and I got to go out on a date! I love dating my husband... I would do it more often if given the choice, but I sure enjoy the moments we get. We spent several hours working on our Marriage "homework" from our Marriage Sunday School class. It was fun to talk about our marriage - our relationship... we shared pizza and a giant cookie for dinner... it was good (the cookie and the conversation)!!
On Saturday: It was a snowy, cold morning but we bundled up and headed to Kasie's house for brunch! Kasie made these DELICIOUS scones and Melanie cooked up some yummy eggs. Micah and the kids watched a movie while Paige slept on the couch... and the rest of us sat around and talked about God - our lives... it was so refreshing... I love mornings like this!
When we got home we made raspberry snow cones with the fresh snow...
Ethan thought that was a very good idea!
On Sunday: We took Paige out to lunch (we splurged and took her to Costco for hotdogs!!!! I know - aren't we the BEST!???)
Paige filled the last 4 days with goofiness, fun, and laughter.... plus lots of art work and imagination. Last night we laminated a dozen pieces of her art work so that Ethan and Eden will be able to play with it long after she is gone... which is now - *sob* - She left this afternoon!
(We miss you already, Paige... and YES I am BLOGGING about it!)
This evening we watched Busytown Mysteries, ate popcorn and were pretty quiet... it was a weekend full of life and blessing... too much fun!

Thanksgiving Thankful Thought #5: I am so thankful for memories. Our life is rich with moments that we have seized and made the most of... I am so grateful for all the people that make these memories special, unique, and perfect... I love being able to remember all that makes our life the life that it is! We are blessed!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Paige is Here!

Tuesday night I got a call from Paige (our dear Nanny)... She said, "Can I come visit you guys TOMORROW?" Yes please! Ethan was thrilled... he made cards and the duck craft in the above picture for his dear Paige... he stood by the window and watched for her all day wondering why she was taking sooooooo long to get here.
Paige is here now... and we are all thrilled. We are getting our "play" on! Paige taught me a lot about parenting the year she was a part of our family. She showed me how to be silly, goofy, and how to really play with the kids. We miss her... Ethan misses her the most because she was his playmate and together they could play like none other!
Today we made slime... Here is the recipe:
3/4 cups warm water + 1 cup white glue + a few drops of green food coloring
pour into another container containing
1 1/3 cup warm water + 4 teaspoons Borax
let sit for 1 minute without stirring.
It was pretty cool stuff... I wanna try this again because it didn't seem to have the right consistency, but it was still fun. I loved watching the kids play with it. I think it help that Paige was right there with them encouraging their little imaginations.

and am so thankful for the gift of her presence this week... How fun is that!

(One funny story from today.... Paige was making Ethan some origami from orange paper. He handed her a piece of green paper and asked her to make him some greenigami...)

Thanksgiving Thankful Thought #4: I'm thankful for friends who love me and stick by me through thick and thin. Paige has been with me during the very darkest days of my life and she still loves me... I am so thankful!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Simple Days...

Toasts with chocolate milk is about as creative as it is getting this week... we've been having mornings of "nothingness"... Momma is sick... kid chaos continue, the organized world of our home has ceased for this week. Laundry is piling up, the dishes are staying contained... but barely... Yesterday the house was so filthy I forced myself to clean... sweeping and vacuuming was about all I got done. The kids dusted. I take for granite what I do on a daily basis... until I can't do it. Things go down hill FAST!
I've been seeing a lot of this from my chair... I sit, drink ginger ale and pray for this sickness to pass... it has not been fun! I am feeling a bit better today... I feel so guilty for being sick... it is hard to let myself rest and be still... and to not feel bad for doing it! This too shall pass.

Thanksgiving Thankful Thought #3: (I'm behind on these thankful thoughts) I am thankful for the health I normally have, but take for granite! Being sick reminds me of the strength, energy and life that I normally have... the life God has given me. I am working on being thankful for rest... ironically "studying rest" is my homework in counseling this week... go figure!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Ethan's Prayer and Statement!

Ethan's prayer yesterday morning, "Dear God, please help us have a better day today... we got off to a rough start yesterday." Out of the mouth of babes...

After a ROUGH afternoon with Ethan today out of the blue he started being really, really, really sweet to me. I mean we had been going head to head - battling the wills all day long and so I asked him, "Why are you being so nice to me all of a sudden?"
He responded, "Everybody needs a lot of love!"

(I just love these sleeping pictures of him... melts my heart!)

First Snow Day...

Yesterday we woke up to snow!

The first thing Ethan said was, "Can we set up our marble set?" This summer when I put this set away I told Ethan we wouldn't get it out until it snowed... he remembered and he asked! More like pleaded. I was okay with it. We had the whole day to play... so we set it up!
He even built his own little marble maze...
It was a great first snow day of the season... we played mostly inside...
venturing outside for some snowballs...
some snow nibbles....
snow angels... and catching flakes on our tongues...
We played forts, made olive/pepperoni pizza...
And ended our evening with a funny movie... Ethan is at that age where he gets the funny things and his laugh makes me laugh... I'm still recovering from my dance with the flu... my tummy is still off... and I am still tired... BUT...

Thanksgiving Thankful Thought #2: I am thankful for our little house. I am thankful that it has become a home and a place where we are making so many memories. I am thankful for this snow day... games, laughs... and just being together in a warm place. I cherish days like this so much. Just wishing Micah was here!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

A Change of Plans...

Our bags were packed... maps printed... coupons clipped... excitement was off the charts - we were heading to a Seattle wedding of some dear friends. 4:45 I woke up... got in the shower. Micah started the car and packed up the bags. We were getting ready to get the kids up and I felt a wave of nausea wash over me. I had to lay down. I told Micah something was WRONG! He felt it too. He turned off the car and the flu hit us... HARD. Well... Micah not as hard as me. I couldn't move for the next 10 hours except to puke, puke, and puke. I have never had a flu so painful as this one... it felt like it was in my nerves. I could barely text some friends and ask for help. I knew Micah needed to go to the wedding without me... because he is officiating the wedding... so he HAS TO BE THERE! Around noon a friend came and took the kids and Micah left for Seattle without us. I just cried. It is a couple days later... the wedding will take place in a few hours... I won't be there. I didn't get to see my dear friends, it hasn't been the weekend I had been planning since summer time... there are no pictures of the Woodland Park Zoo... there are no hugs from friends... I still don't feel 100%... I texted Micah, "Aren't you glad this isn't our real home?" Sometimes... often - plans change. It is sad... it hurts... it is confusing, but this isn't our real home... I keep whispering that to myself... hopefully I will believe it! While I keep whispering that to myself... I am unpacking, cleaning up after the flu... and trying to figure out what to do to keep the little ones busy... pray for us today, okay?

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

A Gray Fall Day...

Yesterday I couldn't help but notice how gray the sky was... when we first ventured outside it was warm, but shortly after we began our trek around "our" little ponds it started to get chilly and the skies started spitting little water drops... it seemed "dark"...
Even though it was gray... I hardly even noticed the gloominess because my kiddos seemed quite colorful!
It may have been their colorful outfits... or the contrast between the dreary day and their energy full play!
I found the lighting was nice for taking some fun pictures of the kids... so I clicked away!
I just love this one of Eden!
And this one too... WHAT IS SHE DOING? Just cracks me up!
Last night I read in a book the importance of finding the beauty in every place or situation... It was refreshing to be outside in the chilly air... and delighting in the colorful bundles that ran around my feet... it was a fun little "hike"... rain, gloom and all!

***Thanksgiving Thankful Thought #1: I love learning from my kids. They teach me so much about how God loves me and how He is long suffering with me. My kids may be a lot of work and require sooo much out of me... but it doesn't change my love for them... it just endears them to me all the more! They have changed me... and I am thankful!