Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Bozeman Beach...

Who would have known that Bozeman has a beach? This town never ceases to amaze me... it is FULL of wonderful, free places to explore. I heard about Bozeman Beach yesterday... so we headed there for dinner. It was warm out and the water was cool...
The water and the sand kept our little ones occupied for the few hours we were there!
What fun! I love this town!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Natural Backpacker...

I have said it before... Eden has her own sense of style...
Lately she has been on a natural kick...
What can I say? She is determined to roam... natural and free.

Monday Musings...

Micah worked 56 hours last week. It felt like we never saw him... and we didn't much. He was busy! But we got him all to ourselves on Sunday!
After church on Sunday we went outside for a bit before the kid's naps.
He took his camera...
So he took all these pictures. I love his pictures... I love spending time with him!
And so do the kids!
Ethan even found some gold... what a good day!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Our River Adventure...

Remember the little river adventure that I had with the kids... or I guess I should say the little incident that my phone had with the river? This is the river... in fact the little puddle that my phone ended up was on the right side of this picture... by the tall grass.
Despite ruining my phone (not totally sure I did... it is still in a bag of rice... AND the good news is that I was able to recharge my battery in Micah's phone... so there is still hope... figured I would let it dry another day... just to be safe!) we had a good time with friends! Racing boats in a little river - is our kind of good old fun!
God put a few rainbows in the sky for us, too... lately we see these everyday and they never old... A reminder of God's promises is just what I need (everyday!).

Saturday, June 25, 2011

River Dunking

The other night we were playing at the little river behind our house. My kids were getting closer and closer to the edge... until finally they were completely in the water. It is funny to watch them engage in an activity... conservative at first and then all out liberal by the end. At one point Ethan slipped and fell all the way into the water. His head went under the water and I just waited to see what would happen... I figured he would be hysterical when he surfaced... he is not as daring as Eden! When he came up for air he had a giant smile on his face and exclaimed, "Momma, I've been BAPTIZED!!!" I couldn't help the giggles... he says the funniest things. I got some fun pictures of him in the water on my phone because I forgot my camera, but last night my phone ended up in the bottom of the river too... It is in a bag of rice and we are hoping for the best, but I am pretty sure it won't raise from the dead! I have the worst luck with electronic appliances!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Friday Fotos...

Eden is precious!
She is always making us smile!
She is determined... opinionated...
Adventurous... and lovely... there are so many things I love about her...
just thought I would share some recent snapshots from Eden's world!
Happy Friday...

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Mission Impossible!

Today my mind is swimming... a few weeks ago - I got a call and was invited on a mission trip with a paid ticket. This blows my mind.... I am still in shock.
Well - the absolute craziness has developed since then! God really laid Lori and Cassie on my heart. Both were in my Bible study back at MWSB and the three of us are doing a Bible study this summer. My first thought after I heard about the trip was... "I wish I could take Lori and Cassie with me." Well... I AM!!!! It has been a whirl wind of emotion as we have prayed our hearts out to the LORD, planned and worked together details...
We have 17 days til we leave and after we committed to going - we found the cost of the tickets went up $400 dollars a piece. We now need to raise 4,600. Seems totally impossible!
I love how God can take impossible things and work them out. I believe that this trip will be amazing in all our lives... I am praying for a life transformational experience for these girls! I am thankful for this opportunity to mentor these girls through this trip... it has already challenged me beyond belief and I know it will only continue!
Could you please pray for us? Pray for me - that I would abide in Christ and trust Him with these details. I have felt all sorts of emotions as we have pursued this. Doubt, fear, joy... totally over-whelmedness! But a strong desire to trust and rest!
I am glad that my God loves impossible missions...
it is where His glory is seen the most!

***if you would like to help us financially... we would LOVE to invite you be apart! Please email me... I'll let you know how!!!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

First Day of Summer...

We Montanians look forward to the first day of summer... all the while hoping for sunshine and praying it doesn't snow... you NEVER know!! We need a little bit of warmth to thaw out our bones so that we are able to make it through another winter! I don't mind it in the least - would much rather be cold than HOT and humid!
Today we went on quite an adventure. A dear friend of mine nannies a few girls on Tuesdays and she suggested we meet at a park close to where they live. I was up for it... especially since it is literally not even a mile (as the crow flies) from our place! Micah and I looked on maps and figured out a route for me to go on my bike. It is tricky because the road leaving our little campus is a 65 mile an hour zone. I don't like being on that road at all, but it is the only way out of this place on bike. So we found this dirt road... it looked doable. WELL... 30 minutes later I wasn't even off the dirt road... and knew I had soo much further to go! I was beat! It is a gradual hill, it was hot, and the kids are heavy... not going to lie!
So I turned around and went home!
I took our stuff out of the bike stroller and loaded up the car! I told Ethan and Eden to stay right by the car... of course they didn't listen. Obedience seems to be the lesson of the month. I turned to put them in the car and I heard screams... Both Ethan and Eden were COVERED from head to toe in ants... lovely. I stripped them, brushed off all the ants (or so I thought)... and we got in the car!
A mile down the road... Eden starts SHRIEKING! I slammed on the breaks - jump out and strip her again.... never saw anything but she was crying and shaking so badly I knew something had to have bit her. I wish she could talk a little bit clearer! She cried all the way to the park... we only had about 15 minutes of playtime with our friends before they headed home. Eden cried and clung to me most of the time at the park... until I took her down the slide with me a couple times and she warmed up to the park idea...
It was an amazing lesson in obedience. I explained to Ethan the reason why I asked him to stay by the car was so that he wouldn't get hurt... the ants were a perfect object lesson. I trust their little hearts will learn how to obey... it is so hard to see them suffer natural consequences...

It was a crazy morning... I rode over 6 miles on my bike... the park was 6.9 miles away... I guess we won't be riding our bike there any time soon... unless I get a whole lot faster (and in a whole lot better shape!) But we are happy to make the first day of Summer memorable and just think... it isn't over yet!

Monday, June 20, 2011

My Laugh for the Day...

Since when is a Hummer a Hybrid?

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Dadda Day!

We love our Dadda! We are so thankful for all he does and who he is! I am thankful for how hard he works to provide for us and to take care of us!
It is a blessing!
The kids are lucky to have such an amazing Daddy... and one day I hope they realize this! Tonight after I finished reading Ethan his bedtime stories I told him he should run out and tell his Daddy "Happy Father's day!" So he ran out there and exclaimed, "Happy Thanksgiving, Dadda!" I couldn't help smiling... it was a day filled with thanksgiving for our wonderful Dadda!
To celebrate I made Micah a new kind of pizza... fajita pizza! It was tasty! It is kinda a mix of our favorite foods... mexican and pizza... can't go wrong with that mix!
I topped the crust with tomato sauce, then a layer of cheddar cheese, then some grilled chicken, then a skillet full of sautéed pepper and onions and a tablespoon of fajita seasoning (I added mushrooms because we love those things), then I sprinkled black beans generously over the top... and added a little bit more cheese. Micah made his yummy guac! Definitely recommend this masterpiece!
What a way to celebrate my amazing man!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Baking Troubles...

We have a problem in our house... I LOVE TO BAKE! We love scones... pumpkin one, cherry almond ones, gingersnap ones, orange cranberry ones, lemon blueberry ones... you get the drift.
I love seeing crumbs and smiles on my kids face... it is a beautiful thing...
Whole wheat, Chocolate deliciousness for girl times... wonderfully perfect...
After nap snacks... (this was a donut Nana bought for the kids... at that amazing doughnut store... so I can't take credit for this one!!!)
Strawberry cream muffins... moist, most excellent with morning coffee!
A friend told me about a job at her coffee shop... they needed a part time baker... I really wanted the job. They filled it before I could apply... sheesh it would be nice to be able to bake... and not have to have it around... Because I would really like these 10 extra pounds to go away... it is a most inconvenient problem I have... what to do? Someone please come take away my measuring cups, bowls and spatulas!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Last Hurrah!

Unfortunately all good things must come to an end! We had to take Nana to the airport today and Ethan was less than thrilled... I had to answer questions all the way home. "Momma, where is Nana?" "But Momma she SAID I could go home with her!!!!" "Why can't I go with her!?" After much discussion he came to the conclusion that we could go with Nana if I would go with him... oh and Daddy too...
and he guessed Eden could come too! Nana Rose knows how to play... Ethan's playful side explodes when she is around! It was a fantastic visit...
guess I have to start doing my dishes again... darn!
The water park is right next to the airport... so we enjoyed our lunch before we dropped Nana off. It makes me smile to watch Ethan play. He is oblivious to anyone else... except those moments where he runs up to kids and tries to get their attention... we are still working on those socially acceptable behaviors... we have a LONG ways to go.
For example... a water fountain (that was clear across the water park from where I was sitting) got a little extra "water".... pants around ankles and all... I paused for a second wondering if I should run across the park... revealing to all the other watching parents... that YES I was his parent... and YES he did just do what they thought he did! It is okay... I will bask in the humility that "teachable" moments require... HE IS MY BOY... and I am PROUD of him... just not always so proud of some of his behavior or habits!

On the last mile before the airport we saw this sign! HELLO!!!! Amazing donuts... okay... we'll take one! How could we resist!? They were icing on the top of a beautiful, refreshing, wild and crazy Nana visit!!!! We miss you already, Nana!