Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Glacier Camping

We spent the last few days in Glacier National Park. Glacier is my favorite National Park. It is beautiful... to say the least. It was a fun trip for all. We (Micah and I) are exhausted, but on the way home we talked about how when you do a trip like this you "see" less, do more (work), get less sleep, but enjoy it OH SO MUCH MORE!

We spent two days and two nights in the park.
We swam in Lake McDonald and hiked to Saint Mary's Falls.

The kids played hard and considering that they barely took naps, went to bed super late (like 10:30pm) and woke up early.... they behaved well! What troopers we have!! It was a great summer, camping trip... can't wait to do it again... hoping to REAL soon!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Just For Laughs...

Doesn't this little girl make you laugh....?

Thursday, June 24, 2010

51 Weeks Old

Next week is the "big week" in this little girl's life - she will be hitting the one year mark! It has been fun doing this update on a weekly basis. I love to look back on a specific week and remember the highlights... or the struggles (which there have been a few). One thing that amazes me is that when Ethan hit the 1 year mark I was amazed by how old he was, but with Eden I am overwhelmed by how young she is. Crazy how perspectives shift and change. I spoke too soon when I said last week that Eden is transitioning well with dropping her morning nap. Everyday has been a little bit different - some days are easier than others. She will have a calm day and then a few super-emotional traumatic days. I continue to realize with Eden is not about a schedule, but a relationship with her and learning to read the little signs. I am thankful my kids are different and have different ways about them. It keeps me learning, growing, and ON MY TOES!

(One of our prayers for Eden is that she will make it to her 1st birthday without a trip to the ER... this girl lives life on the edge!)

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

What I'm Lov'in About Summer!


Summer "Soup" (aka water play).


And the very first garden spinach salad(s).....

Can you tell how THANKFUL I am that summer is here????

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Life inside the "Box"

Yes, everyone in awhile we live life in a box... for a few moments that is!!!
I marvel at the deliciousness of summer... the slow, long days filled with sunshine and outdoor play in between all the gardening and watering. This week we are busy sorting and cleaning the house (we are gonna join a friend this weekend and have a garage sale in Augusta - I'm just loving the simplifying process - and hoping to make a few bucks in the process). So that is what we are up to...
hope you are loving your summer!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Hello Summer!

After a long, cold winter - we are READY for summer! This past few weeks we have had rain almost every day, but sprinkled throughout those times are moments of SUNSHINE and warmth. It has been delightful! We are busy playing in the water, planting flowers and our garden (this year Ethan has his own little plots to take care of), picnics on the lawn, trips to the river, and everything fun that goes in between those activities! This summer brings adventures in potty training, a little girl's 1st birthday, some camping trips, a visit from Ethan's cousins, a family reunion in Colorado, and lots of long, warm summer days (hopefully)! So hello Summer... it is so fun to welcome you!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Adoption on My Heart

The last couple days we have been busy with our adoption details. Last night we had an adoption conference call... very informative and today we had an appointment to complete our I-600. It doesn't seem like a lot, but on top of everything else the paperwork could be a full time job! I guess things are going as they are suppose to - although we heard that the government offices in the country where we are adopting from in on strike... hum - who know when that will end. It is hard to go through the adoption process without getting your heart engaged... last night I lost it after the conference call.... one thing I had never EVEN thought about is that we will probably not know our child's birth date. Emotion flooded over me as I prayed for this tiny child (that may be alive at this time) and thanked God that He knew the second the child was conceived and He was there for the very first breath that was taken. Could you join in praying for this child with us?

These are some of the things we are praying for:
1. Supernatural nutrition and protection.
2. Someone to hold, kiss and bond with the kiddo.
3. (Secretly) I am praying for a girl.... the country where we are adopting from a girl is not likely because most girls are sold into sex trade.
4. That God would provide the finances at the right times - when the money is due.
5. ETC, ETC, ETC... I could list 100+ things we are praying... adjustment in our family, transitions for our kids, wisdom, love.... you name it.

Currently Ethan and I are memorizing Psalms 139... and I can't help praying that for the child... "Oh Lord, you have searched (this child) and you know him/her. You know when he/she sit(s) and when he/she rise(s). .... You hem him/her in - behind and before; you have laid your hand upon him/her."

Thanks for praying with us... and for those of you who have asked we are adopting through Compassionate Hearts Adoption Agency.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

50 Weeks Old

It feels good to be home with my little ones... especially at this stage where they are growing and changing like weeds. Hard to believe this little one's 1st birthday is in a couple weeks!!!!!! Can't be so! She has mastered her walking skills this week... she can even pivot and go another direction... makes me smile at how fast she is picking it. And with mastering it comes SPEED! Crazy how fast she can go! She is beginning to drop her morning nap... (can't believe how the transition is going!! Ethan took a solid 6 months of wicked hard transitioning.... Eden just decided she is done and it has been going pretty smoothly... we will see how tomorrow is!) She is working pretty hard on communicating and so there have been a lot more temper tantrums... man she gets upset if she doesn't get her way.... we are working on that too! It has been a good week, and I feel just like Eden does in this picture... sooo tired, but happy!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

New Fort

We have a new fort! Or should I say we have a new PALACE on our back lawn. This new "fort" is incredible! Ethan loves it and Eden thinks she can climb all over it on her own (yeah right!). I still can't believe it when I look out there! It was quite the ordeal to build and put up... and thanks to my Dad who spent 3 days (amounting ONLY to 6 hours total... just for the record... according to him) setting it up! Ethan is thrilled that it has a table and insists that he NEEDS to eat every meal out there. It looks like we have a lot of adventures to have on this new toy this summer.... let the fun begin! Thanks so much Dad and Mom!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Pie for Breakfast

Pie is a wonderful thing.... leftover and for breakfast is heavenly! I made a rhubarb/berry pie this week and this rainy morning was PERFECT for a warm cup of coffee and a sliver of pie... In moments like this I am reminded that GOD IS GOOD so LIFE IS GOOD! My camera is in the mail and I am completely thrilled to be holding it again (I feel completely retarded for leaving it in Seattle). It feels like I have missed two whole weeks in my kid's life. There are so many moments I want to take a picture and I can't (hence why I have absolutely no inspiration to blog at all... what is a blog without a picture???) My parents are leaving this morning and it makes me sad. It should be no surprise to you how lonely I get (I only complain about it all the time) and having them around gives me someone to talk to and to listen to. They have been such a blessing and I will miss them. We have been planting, weeding, building... and beginning our summer celebration - so once I get my hands on my camera there will be many more beautiful photos to share!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Summer Lov'in

I'm in love... how could I not be?

Friday, June 11, 2010

49 Weeks

It is hard to believe that we missed week 48 in Eden Eve's life .... a whole week away... a whole week of growing and developing... a whole weeks of all sorts of emotions. This week has been so fun catching up with what we missed. She got her first tooth while we were away (on the bottom - right side) and she went from merely taking steps to walking around everywhere. I guess as far as developmental steps we picked an action packed week to miss (*sigh*). She is saying uh-uh (do you want more food.... "uh-uh" do you want another toy.... "uh-uh") it is rather cute. When she walks she has to have at least 3 things in her hands and after she eats she can't seem to find her balance... now that is adorable. With her walking she is beginning to be more independent (yay!) and it is hard to believe our little girl is growing up!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Happy Anniversary to us!

The last past week Micah and I have been cruising around ALASKA! We have been planning and saving to do something fun for our 10th anniversary and we found amazing tickets for a cruise in Alaska. We enjoyed a whole week to ourselves. We took lots of time to talk and evaluate our lives and what we are doing, but we missed our kiddos like crazy and it feels good to be home! I can't wait to share pictures with you, but I left my camera in my friends car (in Seattle... she is going to send it to me... thanks, Diane!).
What a beautiful country/world we live in!