Friday, May 28, 2010

Busy Mess Maker!

The littlest member of the family is an incredible mess-maker! I never know where I am going to find her and what she will be doing. And this is thrilling because it means that she is not clinging on me.... the moments she goes off by herself she is a busy little bee.... wow... let the fun begin... I love little explorers!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Worm Rescue

It has been raining all day long... I love it! Everything is going to look so green and lush in a week or two... so LET IT RAIN! I found a snail the other day and brought it home for Ethan to see it. He named in Humpty and it now lives in his terrarium. This morning Micah brought home a foot long worm... Ethan named it Dumpty and it now lives in the terrarium. With all the rain we thought it would be fun to go on a "worm walk" to look at all the worms that have come up for air. Ethan loved it! We rescued about 12 of them and made them a safe/dry worm home (aka a tupperware of potting soil). Ethan got a kick out of watching the worms crawl around in their dry soil. Everyday is a new day to learn something new... so let it rain!

47 Weeks Old

This morning I was thinking about how 47 is really close to 52.... can't believe Eden is almost 1! This week Eden began taking steps, it is adorable! She thinks that if she is carrying something like belts or vacuum tubes she can walk better. She just giggles when she takes steps and when we play the walking game (where Micah and I sit across from each other and we encourage her to walk between us) she has no fear - she throws herself forward and is totally out of control. It makes us laugh. This week we received a bag of clothing from our wonderful Clothing Fairy! Paige's mom lives in Seattle and she thrifts for us. We only have a couple thrift stores in MT and the average cost for a piece of kid's clothing is like $4... ridiculous (I can usually buy new for cheaper!). She is such a blessing to us and she always finds the most adorable clothes (Eden is wearing an outfit she got for us in this picture). I am thankful for how we are always taken care of!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Flying and Walking

Ethan got these fun animal parachute thingies from his Nana. We have been waiting for a warm day so that we can fly them off the deck.... this morning Ethan came running in saying that it was warm enough to fly his "guys". Micah took him outside and showed him how they worked. There were lots of flights off the deck and then Micah left him to continue playing by himself... hum... About 3 minutes later Ethan came running in saying.... "I'm sorry Momma! The guys are stuck and I broke them." Sure enough I found them tightly wound around some wire fencing that Micah is using to make a dog kennel. Ethan had pulled one of the little guys off by trying to get him out.... so the "guys" are in surgery - and I told Ethan it might take a while for them to "heal". It is such a cute fun activity and Ethan LOVED it! Thanks, Nana!
I am excited to announce that Eden is taking steps. She is the funniest little walker! I am so thrilled because Micah and I are going away soon to celebrate our 10 year anniversary and I was just sure she would do this while we were away and it was breaking my heart... but now I can REST easy... I have seen her first little steps and it is amazing! Won't be long until she will be running around... and I think the summer is going to be so much more fun with two "walkers".

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Dreaming of Summer...

We have warm days and then days full of rain and snow... days where we lay in the grass and soak up the warm sun and other days where we bundle up and light a fire in the wood stove... it almost feels like the weather can't make up its mind. This weekend Micah starts his summer wedding picture taking (he has 7 weddings). He has been practicing on the kids (that's where this picture is from) and I love it. He takes such AMAZING pictures.
So on this chilly, frosty May morning we are dreaming of summer!
Dreaming of warm evenings...
Dreaming of playing in water...
Dreaming of eating popsicles...
Dreaming of camping trips...
Dreaming of garden planting...
bug collecting, bubble blowing, messy art project, campfires, river picnics, dirty toes, sandy clothes, running, laughing, sun-bleached blonde hair... ahhh... just dreaming!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Sweet and Sour

My brother, Adam... can do anything. Really, he can... it is disgusting (even if he doesn't think so!!!). Well... HE MAKES AMAZING Chinese food. I like to hide in his glorious shadow, so I tried Sweet and Sour Chicken! YUM! (sorry I say that a lot I just watched Julie and Julia and so I am hooked on saying that word!). I also make some egg drop soup because I love that so much... have a little bit of improving on it until it tastes just right, but it was still good! So over all the meal was delicious.... except the sweet and sour sauce - it was okay... but not great! ... Any one got a good recipe for sweet and sour sauce?

Here is the batter recipe if you want to give the fried chicken balls a try (I am sure this is fat free!):

1/2 cup flour
1/2 cup corn starch
1 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp soda and salt
1 tsp soy sauce
3/4 cup water
1 tsp vinegar

Combine dry ingredients and combine liquid ingredients. Mix together. Cut chicken into 3/4 inch squares and dip in batter and quickly drop into hot oil to deep fry (like I said completely fat free!).

Friday, May 21, 2010

10 Years Together!

It is Micah and I's 10th wedding anniversary! Feels like a huge milestone in life.... feels like we have been married forever, but then at other times it feels like it has gone by a million miles per hour! The years have been great.... and I am thankful to be married to my best friend... I wouldn't want it any other way! I love you, Babe!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

46 Weeks Old

Thursday always reminds me that another week has past. The weeks seem to fly by! Eden has been busy teething this week. The clingy, grumpy attitude has been back in full force. I see her little teeth on the bottom of her gum line and then they disappear! At times she throws herself on the floor sobbing... it is quite dramatic and I feel so sorry for her - although I do see quite a strong little spirit inside of her. In the few moments of contentment she has been busy exploring.... she escaped from the house a couple times thanks to her older brother leaving the door open... and man she is fast. I have caught her sprint crawling around the deck to the back yard. It makes me laugh! Hopefully by next week we will have teeth (probably not!) and I will be able to report that she has turned another corner (really probably not... I am beginning to think her personality is continual grumpiness.... and man it is hard to deal with most days! It is hard not to be discouraged!).

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Borrowed Recipe: No Knead Bread

This was our dinner a few nights ago! I have amazing friends that blog such amazing ideas... that I can't help but copy them. See the beautiful loaf of bread.... right past the corn? It is this amazing no-knead bread recipe I tried this past week (found here - a friend that lives in our community... she is fantastically creative... I love her blog!)... AND can I say "YUM!"??? There are many great things about this recipe... 1. It is easy. 2. You don't have to knead it. 3. AND when you bake it you don't have to use the whole things...... SO you can have that wonderful fresh bread smell in the house more than once... with only doing the work ONCE! Now that is my type of recipe! I have enjoyed this bread all week long... toast for breakfast, sandwichs for lunch, and a compliment to my veggie soup.... Thanks so much, Megan - this recipe is now a part of our everyday life!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Soccer Boy

Since the weather has been nice, Ethan and I have been playing soccer together. It is really fun! This morning he asked me if I would go out and play soccer with him and I remembered that some former students had taken a trip to Mexico during their spring break (2 years ago when Ethan was a baby) and brought back Ethan a soccer outfit. I dug it out and it fits perfectly! He was so thrilled. During lunch he asked if we could go play soccer again and I told him, "No, you need to take a nap." To which he replied, "I CAN'T! I'm a soccer boy!" I reassured him that soccer boys need their rest so that they can play soccer!

One more story... this morning it was getting hot and I told Ethan that we needed to remember to bring our water bottles with us because the Sun likes to drink our water out of our bodies. Ethan was appalled! He exclaimed, "Does he share our water!?" I explained that he just warms us up and our bodies use up the water. He didn't think that was very nice and he told me that the Sun needed to come down here and sit in the naughty boy chair! He asked if I could grab the Sun.. I told him to his dismay that I couldn't. So then he said we needed to get on a plane and get that Sun and put him in the naughty seat until he said he was sorry! He went on to say that it was okay if the Sun needed our water, but he NEEDED to share! At lunch he really wanted to give the Sun a drink (actually he really wanted to give the Sun a smoothie, but I convinced him that the Sun only needed water). He got a cup of water and took it out on the deck for the Sun. He kept checking the cup to see if the Sun had gotten his water!

He is a kick!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Pancake Fun

Ethan and I have been on a pancake kick for the past few weeks! I have pounds of baby food left over from all that I made for Eden and now she is no longer interested in being fed... she must do it herself! So I have been looking for creative ways to use up all the frozen cubes of butternut and acorn squash and sweet potato purees. (If you don't know about how to make your own baby food... you should try it.... cook a squash or whatever... puree it by thinning it out with water and then freeze the puree in ice cube trays... works perfect for little serving portions!) I love defrosting a cube and throwing it in whatever... even soups! Well... pancakes are perfect for squash purees!

Most mornings Ethan and I work on the pancakes together. He sits on the counter and we make fun shapes depending on his fancy.... if he is a bird for the day we make worms or beetles. The other day we made smiley faces and elephants. By the time we are done he is full and has eaten a delicious healthy meal... without SUGAR (well... unless you make smiley faces with chocolate chips) and we have had lots of good bonding time! If there is a lot of batter left I put it in the fridge for another day... or I take a tablespoon and make silver dollar pancakes for Ethan's snacks... he loves them cold too!

Ethan and I's Pancake recipe:
1 egg
1 cup whole wheat flour
2 T oil
1 cup buttermilk
1 t baking powder
1/2 t soda and salt
about 3-4 squash cubes defrosted (about 1/2 cup)
a few sprinkles of cinnamon and a few drips of vanilla

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Nothing But Sunshine!

Today we had nothing but sunshine! And boy did we ENJOY it! It was so warm at 5 o'clock (PM) we got the swimming pool out. The kids were so excited with the water they both jumped in before their clothes were off! I couldn't help but be delighted.... it gave me a taste of what this summer is going to be like and it is going to be fun!
We have waited a LONG time for the SUNSHINE to come!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Baking with the Princess

Yesterday Eden and I had our first bonding moment in the kitchen... (well one of the first). Eden is so different than Ethan! Ethan and I bake all the time and I have never had to worry about him diving off the counter or sticking his hand in the mixer. He is just cautious like that! NOT EDEN... she is fearless at this point in life and so I had to be extra careful making cookies with her. I caught her hand just before it plunged into the mixing bowl... while the mixer was going and I caught her diving out of her chair (several times -headed straight towards the floor!). But it is worth it... I love having my kids involved in what I am doing... so I make the necessary adjustments (like planning that a batch of cookies will take 3x as long to make!!!). She throughly enjoyed the beater at the end..... and I couldn't help just enjoy being with her! Hope we have lots of future bonding moments in the kitchen... oh I am sure we will!

(Here) is a link to the recipe we used!!!!! I just LOVE!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

45 Weeks Old

I THINK we have turned a corner... I hesitate to say that, but after months of continual clinginess and grumpiness I think Eden is growing out of it and I can't be HAPPIER! Eden was full of smiles and laughs this week. She has really started to understand the concept of sign languages and is picking up signs. Her cutest sign is saying she is "all done" with lunch. We are working on bath time, eat, please, thank you, sleep time, milk.... Another fun game she is really into is window stickers! At the Dollar Store Nana bought her these beautiful window sticker butterflies. She loves pulling them off and carrying them around. When I peel them out of her hands and hang them back up on the window she squeals and crawls over to peel them off again. She loves playing with Ethan's cars and we laugh at how she makes car noises when she plays with them... such a cutie! I am so glad she seems to be feeling better... doing better. Takes a lot of stress and pressure off this Momma!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Hummer Love

Micah's Mom had to go home today... and we are all sad around this place. Ethan just asked me through tears if he could go get her back from the airport. I just feel for his little sensitive heart - as he has people in and out of his life! I just pray he can say open and honest... real and authentic through that continual cycle of attachment and loss! I know that Rose's trip was like a big hug from God! I have the song lyrics, "oh how He loves us" running through my head. I know without a doubt that I struggle with God's love the most out of anything else. I still believe I have to be "good enough" or "clean enough" or "together enough" (yes that is a lot of enough) for Him to truly love me! Yet He continually makes an effort to love me! I was reminded of this through what I will now call "Hummer love". Rose brought several cars for Ethan and he loves each one! On Monday right before we headed into town for the day, Rose gave Ethan a hummer. He played with it all the way into town and insisted that he needed to carry it from store to store. I was pretty diligent to pull the hummer off shelves, the floor, out of bins.... all the places he left it as he was distracted by other things. I was pretty proud of myself when Rose asked where the hummer was and I pulled it out of my pocket and handed it to Ethan (we were in the dollar store). At lunch Rose asked again where the hummer was... I dug in my pockets only to find them totally empty. Panic set in... I had not been watching out and protecting the hummer. The hummer was gone. We raced back to the Dollar store... nothing! I felt sad and sick. I had placed a lot of value on the hummer because it was from Nana and it was special! I felt sad that Ethan would miss it and ask about it... and he did! After we got home I was thinking about the hummer - I prayed that God would let me find it in the car or in our stuff... but I didn't. I even told God that I thought it was silly that I was thinking about this little materialistic hummer that cost probably a totally of 2 dollars.

Last night Micah and I got away for a date and as we drove by the Dollar store I asked if we could just stop and look one more time. I showed Micah the placed that Ethan was playing with it last.... moved one little thing and THERE WAS THE HUMMER! I about cried!!!!!!! Then I just felt God's love wash over me.... it was as though He said.... "See, Christa, I care so much for you - I would even let you find a silly little hummer - so that you can know that I love you." Oh how I want to fully grasp the depth of His love... to not doubt it, but to believe it!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Visiting with Nana

The last couple days have been nonstop fun! Nana is visiting from Colorado and Ethan and Eden are eating up these days with their Grandma! Yesterday we took a trip to town to do a little bit of shopping and have some fun. We did simple things like visiting the Dollar store for some fun surprises and then to the park to spend some energy. The day ended with ice cream... and oh it was - oh so fun!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

You've Got to TRY THIS!

My friend is a genius! She blogged the other day about feeding her family SPINACH smoothies.... yep... you heard me right! At first I was skeptical, but then I tried it and it was AMAZING!!!! My kids LOVE it and then even my "selective" husband (and his mom) tried it BEFORE I told him (her) what was in it and he (she) liked it too. He was AMAZED it was mostly spinach. I had him pick up 2lbs of spinach and we are enjoying our SPINACH SMOOTHIES for breakfast! Check out her blog for the link for the smoothie recipe (here).

Thursday, May 6, 2010

44 Weeks Old

In the 44th week of Eden's life we have been pretty busy... enjoying our break!!!! The week has mostly consisted of sorting, cleaning, and organizing. The munchkins have been busy making messes behind me... some days I am not sure if I will be able to keep up with them. Yesterday I had a girl's day with all the MWSB staff and it was nice to have a day to myself - it was needed! Micah had a good day with the kids and I am so thankful for a husband that is willing to give me a break!
I brought back little surprises... including this little fun new mug for Ethan's hot chocolate. He loved finding the giraffe! I love the smile and excitement that I witnessed it was worth the $2 I spent. Tonight Nana Rose arrives for a visit... so there will be lots of excitement around here the next few days! It has been a good week!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Summer Prep Thoughts

Now that our Summer Break is upon us... I have been thinking and dreaming about all that I want to do with this wonderful, beautiful, amazing time. I am ready for a good dose of summer (as I type snow is swirling in the wind). Ethan and I transplanted our seedlings and we are hoping to nurse them through this month without them dying... sun is limited in my house and so finding them a WARM and sunny spot is a chore! But we shall overcome!

I have dreams of catching up on my long list of pending letters, sorting and sending a pile of gifts I have for friends all over the country, a LARGE stack of books to read, Bible studies to prepare (for next school year), a yard to play in, a garden to plant, and a deep desire to purge closets, rooms, the kitchen and anywhere else clutter has managed to hide. I just love this month of cleaning!

I am diligently working on getting on an exercise program and getting those 10 extra pounds that have mysterious attached themselves to my body.... I have some great motivation! Ethan is only allowed to watch a "movie" while I work out. So all morning long he tells me it is time to "work-out"... it has been working BEAUTIFULLY for the past 2 weeks! I found a workout program that is called "Training for your Body Type" by Jessica Smith and it is a fun little routine and it gets me moving and I love being able to use weights... good old weight training for my "athletic" body type (trust me it is hiding in there SOMEWHERE!).

So that is what I am up to... good old summer planning!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

End of Another Year

Yesterday we graduated our 6th class. We will miss these students! They were a delight and we will treasure many special memories. God Bless each of you.... Class of 2010.