Tuesday, December 28, 2010

While the Cat is Away....

The mice will play.....
I had a beautiful day away from home (yesterday). I met a dear, dear, dear friend in a town not to far away and we did our normal catch up routine (coffee, shopping, lunch, stalling, stalling some more - then hugging and saying goodbye). It is not fair to live so far away! When I got home I found out that the kids got into Eden's dresser and spread her folded clothes EVERYWHERE. They climbed up on the dresser breaking the drawer and reached a jar of petroleum jelly. They then took the whole jar smearing it all over their heads... and for that matter anything they found after that. I am finding it EVERYWHERE! Micah gave them baths and washed their hair repeated times, but even so this morning I put Eden's oily hair in a ponytail and it naturally stands STRAIGHT UP! Any tips for getting this water resistant stuff out of their hair? I told Micah he had to watch them every minute... I think he understand now what I mean... they are busy bees... even if your back is turned for a second!

I just can't help smiling when I look at my little pixie daughter.....

Monday, December 27, 2010

Our Sweet Christmas

We had a beautiful, simple home Christmas... the way I like it! It was fun to feel the kids excitement... it was/is contagious! I love being able to spend a whole day together with no agenda but just being together, remembering our Savior's love, feasting in celebration, and giving gifts of love... it was a treat!
Thanks so much to all our dear family and friends that send us wrapped love!
Each gift was a special treat and we are so thankful!

I am even more thankful for the gift of love that God gave us wrapped in swaddling clothes (so many years ago)... our Savior and Messiah! I love how this season reminds me of how much I am loved by my Creator and God - for me this is all that really matters!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Show and Tell

I don't mean to brag... oh wait... YES I DO!
My husband MADE me this desk for my birthday!
It is custom made just for me with so many details I can't begin to describe them all.... and he was the one that thought of it all! It was a grand birthday present and I am soooo thankful for a more kid/user friendly desk to work at! I am loved, and I am IN love!

Happy Birthday, Jesus

We are so thankful You came!

"For God so loved the world, He sent His only Son. That whosoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life." (quoted from John 3:16)

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Lunch Joys

One day while surfing blogs to figure out some new creative ideas for my kid's lunch I came across the Pampered Chef's cut and seal thingy. I was intrigued! The next time I found a Pampered Chef rep... I ordered it - I just got it YESTERDAY! It has got limitless possibilities from making little pizza pockets to tarts to empanadas! You can make little sandwiches - like we did for lunch... peanut butter, nutella and banana! You can make full sealed circles like this or only use half of it for a crescent shape. I am excited to have a bunch of new healthy lunch ideas for my kiddos! Yay for Pampered Chef!

Lincoln Log Fun

Ethan and I have been creating lincoln log villages on the dinning room table. That is the only place that is sort of safe from tornado Eden. Every once and awhile she get up on the chair and demolishes them and we get to start over. I love Ethan's imagination. When he is playing I just love to listen to him because he is constantly weaving elaborate story lines. I am loving each new stage of his life... he keeps getting funner and funner!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Wedding Pictures

Micah and I took the photographs of a local wedding last Saturday - it is something we LOVE to do together. I really loved this picture I took and I thought I would share it!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Story of Our Week

Last week Grampie and Grammie showed up for a visit (I was brain dead and forgot to get very many pictures....). It was a lovely time... and we are oh so thankful for their visit!!! Grammie brought some of her famous grandkid gingerbread children and Ethan and Eden LOVED them! I think they got enough sugar to last the rest of their lives, but hey... it is Christmas time and we are celebrating! Grampie "helped us" (actually he did most all the work) turn 45 pounds of venison into jerky and it is GOOD! THANKS!!!!!
Ethan is at the age where he remembers his grandparents and is thrilled to see them. Eden had to warm up to the idea of them being in the house, but once she did - she enjoyed them.
Grampie and Grammie normally bring their trailer, but since it is icy out - they didn't this time. They have a little box of cars in the trailer and Ethan asked REPEATEDLY if they could bring their little box of cars... even though the trailer wasn't coming. They did and he was thrilled!
Today is the first day of winter! I love the turning of the seasons... (although it has felt like "winter" for a while now!) We caught this picture on the way to school this morning. We chased the moon, but missed a closer shot... by a minute or two! It laughed at us as it slipped behind the mountain.... The moon has always captured my attention, and this morning it was truly magical!
Ethan had his little Christmas party at school today. I made my first fruit pizza.... Ethan told me it tasted awful, but I thought it was pretty at least! I love that he has this preschool opportunity. He is always "very busy" when I watch him in class - so that always makes me a little bit worried for his teacher, but I continue to pray that God gives him a soft heart, a respectful disposition, and a kind spirit. I am thankful she is willing to work with him...
Eden loved Ethan's party just as much as he did.... we celebrated the Christmas break by going out for lunch... it truly was a week full of blessings!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Practice Pic

Micah and I took some wedding pictures yesterday and this is a picture of Eden that Micah caught while he was adjusting his flash. I love Eden's wispy hair!
It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas... around here!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

For Uncle Eli

Just wanted to let Uncle Eli know that we love him and am thinking about him as he is sooo far from home!

Monday, December 13, 2010

A Smile to Start the Day

My kids were being super goofy this morning and I was just loving it. I ran to get my camera (praying the whole time they wouldn't move... because they usually do)... and got this pic. I just love my kids, the moments we have, and the joy that fills our home.

A few more pics for fun:

Eden and Dadda! Eden is in her Christmas outfit. She looks like an adorable elf!

Ethan and Eden really love helping me with everything... lately it has been our morning carrot/apple juice. It is so fun to see them working together, communicating, and laughing... which is something they do a lot!

It has been a wonderful Christmas break thus far....

Saturday, December 11, 2010

A Trip Down Memory Lane

Who would have know that my life would have been changed the moment I walked out of the camp bathroom and ran into Andy and Barcley. I was in 6th grade...
They lived 120 miles away and so began the letters. All three of us kept in connect and lived for camp in the summer. When we got older we visited each other at our baseball/ basketball/ volleyball games, concerts, even prom. We wrote often and called every once and awhile (there wasn't internet or cell phones back then ;o) ).
I love these guys! They were an important part of my growing up life. I am thankful God gave their friendship to me. I think of them today because this weekend Barcley is getting married. From afar I celebrate and rejoice in this event... and want to wish him a happy marriage! Andy is married and I have been blessed to call his wife a very dear friend... I am thankful.

Blessings to you both!

Friday, December 10, 2010

Sibling Love

Ethan Cade and Eden Eve
I think these two are so cute together!
And they are growing up fast!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

From My View

I never tire of the view I see every morning (or for that matter all throughout the day). I love where I live and the beauty that surrounds me. It is truly a remarkable canyon, and if and when I leave this place this view is what I will miss the most. Everyday the view is different... the colors change, the clouds vary, but the splendor remains the same. This mountain is steadfast.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Images from Our Day

For the past few days we have been duct taping and safety pinning Eden into her clothes/diaper for bedtime and nap times.... if we don't - we find a completely naked girl and a soaked bed. She would love to spend her days naked.... so she is always trying to take something off or put something on. Eden thinks she is capable of doing things on her own. She has discovered the power of a chair. She carries her little chair around with her and if she sees anything she wants she just has to climb on the chair and STAND UP and she can reach just about anything she wants! Oh Child... you make life interesting!

Ethan on the other hand has found the candy canes on the Christmas tree. I caught him sneaking some licks and it cracked me up. We have been working on becoming potty training (at least I am working on it... HE IS NOT!). He keeps telling me that he is not a big boy (yet)... nor does he (EVER) want to be! My goal is to have him out of diapers by the time he goes to college, but I am not holding my breath!

Thursday, December 2, 2010


I think my favorite part of the day is when I download my camera's flash drive onto my computer. I love to see which pictures turned out... which ones perfectly captured moments through out our day. I love how each picture is unique... but equally precious!

Monday, November 29, 2010

Christmas Tree Hunting

This morning we bundled up, braved the 19 degree weather, hiked all over our property and finally found our Christmas tree! It is hard to believe that the Christmas season is upon us... it is so fun to celebrate this holiday season now that we have kids. We love their excitement... it is contagious! This evening we will set up the nativity scenes, decorate the tree, and listen to Christmas music. Love, love, love this time of year... I am so thankful we can remember and celebrate that our Messiah, Jesus Christ came years ago as a little baby...!

Saturday, November 27, 2010


My daughter is very athletic and at times we refer to her as a "bull in the china store." Her new thing is jumping from anything and everything she can climb on. It is unnerving at times. I am just praying she doesn't break any bones. Since all the toys in the house are boyish... I have been trying to encourage her to be feminine..... She loves jewelry - especially bracelets. I found that getting the cute, colorful hair ties for a few bucks does the trick! She wears them everywhere and I have flashbacks to the 80's when I use to wear all those amazing jelly bracelets! Everyday is an adventure with this chick! She lives life with gusto!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A Snowed In Afternoon...

It all started yesterday... we were in Bozeman... the car was packed for the long journey to Nevada... and there were severe winter warnings all along the route we were going to travel. The snow wasn't really falling anywhere else! AHHHHHH! As we headed out we were determined to give it our best shot! But driving down the road was hairy to say the least. We could barely see the road the snow was blowing so hard. We heard there were road closures, icy passes, road construction, delays... What to do??? We talked, talked, and talked and finally decided given what we got... 2 little ones - and a long road ahead of us - full of uncertainty... we couldn't risk it! We turned around and headed home - and after white knuckling it home we fell exhausted into our beds and all took long naps... it felt good to be home!
Today we are pretty much snowed in. The wind has been blowing and we heard that our road's plow is broken... we aren't going anywhere... anytime soon! Given lemons... we are trying to make lemonade and trying not to think about all the family festivities that our going on without us! Since the house was quiet... due to napping kiddos, I decided to makes some no sugar cookies - I found this recipe online and went to work (I ended up adding 2 T flour and 1 T oatmeal... and 1/2 tsp salt). Um... they are "good"... they just taste like they are missing something... um.... SUGAR! I will be experimenting a lot - I can tell... and will keep you posted. Never fear I will discover the best sugar free cookies known to man!
Instead of laughing with family, playing with cousins, and doing the Thanksgiving thing... we will be having a quiet day in our little home. My sister-in-law sent me these delightful pillow covers and I can imagine myself curled up in between those beautiful pillows of happiness reading a book. I am sad I will miss seeing my brother and his family off as they head overseas... we send our love! Hopefully soon - we will all be reunited again!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

I wanted to take a moment before the busyness of this week overtakes us to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving. We (as a family) have so much to be thankful for. God has blessed us richly and we are constantly reminded of His goodness and faithfulness to us! I wanted to say a special thanks to those of you who invest in our lives by reading my thoughts ... even if I don't know who you are... this blog world is my main source of being in touch with the "real" world and so I don't want to overlook its significance!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Truly Miracles

A couple days ago the students left for their winter break - it was the same day I was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. This semester has been one of the hardest one so far. I have felt beyond tired, depressed, had a constant headache, etc, etc, etc! I have been trying to get into the doctor, but it is difficult. I have an appointment January 4th, but some issues came up that couldn't be ignored.... so I was able to get in earlier. PCOS is the number 1 reason in infertility... which makes me feel completely overwhelmed by the gift and miracle my little kiddos are!
My heart has been filled with an overwhelming amount of thanksgiving as I watch them play, laugh, and live. I also feel hope for one of the first times in a very, very, very long time. I now know what I am fighting and can alter and change my diet and lifestyle to deal with all the symptoms I am struggling with. And that too is a gift!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

In a Day's Time

Yesterday Micah and a group of students poured some cement pads to finish up our front yard... I was going to take a finished picture today, but there happens to be a foot of snow on the top of it now....
As I was washing potatoes for dinner I realized that we forgot to dig up our potatoes!!!!! I grabbed Ethan, a shovel, and we ran out to the garden to find if our potato plants grew anything... LOOK AT THE SIZE of that potato! We had this giant one and a bunch of little guys... it was like digging for treasures! I can't wait to grow more next summer...
Well... I guess winter is officially here... might as well enjoy it...
I am sure soaking up the kids' excitement!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Africa Bound...

I am not Africa bound... but these little bags are! Uncle Eli is leaving for Africa in a week or so and I have been working on 15 of these little guys for him to take with him for the kids in the orphanage... they are simple little bags that we have filled with basic toiletries. I wish he would tuck me in his suitcase... my heart is there anyways! If you would like to know more about Eli and the work he is involved with and has graciously allowed us to be apart of then check out Certain Truth Ministries.

Since I attended a Beth Moore conference I have been thinking about things she said and one things was using your gifts to edify the body. I am in a unique season of life where some of my gifts are in a sense forced to be dormant because I just can't use them and be an "effective" (fully there) parent. I question my purpose quite a bit and struggle with what should I do about these feelings???? Using my creativity abilities helps me pour my heart into a project... each stitch of these bags are laced with prayer as I pray for these precious children... asking God to meet their need, to love on them, and to reveal Himself to them. I wish I could go hug on them myself, but for now these little bags will lead the way!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Christmas Wreaths

We have been busy around this house! We had our Bible study dinner this past Wednesday. We had a good spread of Mexican food. It is hard to believe that this semester is wrapping up and that all these kids are heading home for winter break next week! Yikes!

With that Christmas is right around the corner. That is AFTER Thanksgiving... (let's not rush a GOOD THING)! But since Thanksgiving is rapidly approaching so is the Christmas Bazaar (Its called something else, but I can't spell it... so we will just say it is a Christmas celebration with stuff for sell!). Ethan's school is doing their annual wreath fundraiser... so we put together these three wreaths. Actually I put them together... both kids were destroying them as fast as I could glue... I only lost it once and told them to go play downstair... which they did!

Got lots of other projects in the works... will share when I am finished... Happy Friday!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

How to Survive the Time Change!

I don't normally blog on Sunday mornings, but when you have been up for hours... you tend to have time before you head to church! On mornings like this I wish I lived in Arizona or where ever else there is not day light savings! This morning we survived by baking some cinnamon rolls... one of my favorite morning treats! I just knew this would be the perfect morning for some motivation! I am thinking it may be a long day!

Overnight Cinnamon Rolls (recipe from a dear friend!)
2 packages yeast
2/3 cup warm water
1 cup warm milk
1/2 cup sugar
Mix the above ingredients and let sit until bubbly/foamy)
Then add...
1 1/2 teaspoon salt
1/4 cup butter (I don't melt mine... just room temp)
2 eggs
Mix well and then slowly add...
5-6 cups flour

Let rest for 20 minutes, roll out dough, lather with butter, cinnamon, brown sugar and white sugar... as much as you prefer, roll up, cut up and place in a pan. Refrigerate 2-48 hours. Pull out of fridge, let stand for 10 minutes, then cook at 375 for 25-30 minutes. Frost or glaze with your fav sugary gooeyness and enjoy!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Friday Faces

Just in a matter of minutes I can catch a hundred expressions in the faces of my children. I find it intriguing to stop and just enjoy something simple as what my kids are communicating on their faces. Happy Friday!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

All Things P

Pink, purple, purse, pretty, and Princess are all very common words in our household. It is fun to watch this little lady personality emerge from Eden! I love it that she always has to have a purse... I don't even own a real purse, but she has a couple and they are ALWAYS with her! She is desperate to talk and so we are working through lots of frustration, constant whining, and a lot of PATIENCE on Momma's end! I have a feeling she and I are going to have the entire sign language vocab down by the time she utters the word, "Momma!"

Patience and priorities are the "p" words that I utter a lot. When I am trying to finish anything... and am getting frustrated out of my mind because of the whining or clingy-ness... I have to stop and remind myself of my priorities... Parenting is such a refining process for me (especially this week)! I am glad that I have been able to add words like pink, purple, purse, and princess to my vocab, but I guess I am thankful I am struggling to add patience, practice, priorities, and (constant) prayer to the vocab of my heart, because those are the "p" words that really matter!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Pumpkin Creme Pies

I stumbled upon a recipe for pumpkin creme pies (here) and had to come up with an excuse to try them. The recipe calls for the batter to be piped out into a spiral pattern which in my mind would be completely beautiful, but I have small kids (aka small window for solo creativity)... so the regular cookie scoop worked just fine! Maybe when I am all grown up and my kids are away I will try the spirals... maybe!
And since I have been having migraine headaches for the past couple weeks - I am choosing to say "no" to sugar for now... it is helping, but having these delicious morsels around was not a good choice - so I packaged them and dropped them off in my Bible study girls' mailboxes. I hope they enjoy this delicious taste of fall! I sure enjoyed my few snitches!