Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving Week 09

6 adults + 6 kids + 1 house + 17 meals = one ridiculous crazy insane overwhelming fun week. It is hard to believe all the emotions that can explode when you have a full week of interaction with ADULTS. I feel even silly admitting this but I cried A LOT this past week. Partly I was insanely tired from the past semester and figuring out that I pushed it a little bit too much this fall, but mainly because I long for real relationships. I live in the woods and can go weeks without meaningful face to face human interaction - and I go months without "mother" interaction. This fall I didn't experience overwhelming depression I have in the past years - mainly due to Paige who spent many mornings up at our house sharing life stuff and coffee which I am thankful for, but I still felt lonely (Don't know how those pioneer women did it!). Having my sister-in-laws here for a week and watching them interact with their child(ren) was HUGE... it helps me to see mothering in process - also I felt like I was able to ask a lot of my haunting questions and let go of all the "guilt" I feel of maybe doing this whole mom thing wrong. I know it may seem silly, but for me it was huge.
I am so thankful that they all traveled here to share this week with us. Overall it was good and I was amazed how well it went - having so many people in ONE house. I am left in amazement of how Jason and Jen can parent 3 energetic girls so well without going crazy... they are still my parenting heros. I felt bad because it seemed like Ethan was always driving the girls crazy... screams of "Ethan stop it" or "Ethan did this" or "Ethan drew on my picture" or "Ethan stole my toy" or "Ethan ate my food" echoed through the house all 6 days and by the end I was overwhelmed, but I was reminded over and over that he is a boy and that is what boys do *sigh* I guess. Hopefully, maybe - someday soon we can do it again.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

21 Weeks

Eden is 21 weeks today! This week has been a full week of family and crazy activity (including a staff dinner party in Missoula... she got to have some good one on one time with us). She has been sleeping in our bathroom and having to be flexible in between all the feeding times and 5 other kid's activities and nap times... she has been a charm and I am so thankful for her little smiles and calm personality! Today she got a few bites of sweet potatoes - in celebration of Thanksgiving... we are so thankful for this little "delight".

Happy Thanksgiving

We have a lot to be thankful for, but what I am thankful for is my special family! I just love being with them and enjoying every moment we can share together. God has blessed us richly!
Happy Thanksgiving to each of you!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

20 Weeks

This week Eden has started rolling over going from her back to her tummy (so she nows rolls both ways). She is also getting in the crawling position... can you believe it!?? She has figured out that by rolling she can get places. I don't think she is old enough to be mobile yet! This week we also started rice cereal and she LOVES IT!
She's such a big girl.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

New Project

Before..... and .....After!
Whenever I am feeling overwhelmed and discouraged, I have to do some sort of artistic project. Just being creative helps me feel better! Today I broke out the new material (vinyl) I bought to recover Ethan's chairs. I love the results and will post more pictures when his "big boy" room is finished.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Little Joys

Okay... today wasn't the best day of my life! My friend was "scheduled" to have her baby today via cesarean and so I thought it would be "FUN" to go into Great Falls, shop, see the baby, play at the Children's Museum and have lunch with the kids and Paige. Amazing how plans can see some smooth and enjoyable in your mind! It was a disastrous day - not one I would like to relive anytime soon. I kept reminding myself that compared to a lot of horrible things this day wouldn't even compare, but that didn't help much. Eden wouldn't eat, Ethan was a grump and scream/cried most of the 1.5 hour drive home. The hospital wouldn't let kids under the age of 18 in the doors... so I got to run up the stairs, see the baby, smile, breath and run back down the stairs. Oh well... BUT (don't you love stories that seem horrible... and then comes the BUT) I got home a found a package from Nana Rose on the dining room table. She recently visited Peru and sent us a fun package. It made my day.. thanks, Rose! I had been hoping to buy or make some hats for Eden - I am a stickler for having my baby's ears covered in the winter and the package had this cute red hat in it! So the moments I spent taking pictures with my daughter and her new hat made me almost forget the day!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Bible Study Fall Dinner

2 batches of bread sticks, 6 pizzas, a giant salad, 5 liters of soda, and an apple crisp later 24 people were happily fed! The Bible study dinner always marks the fast approaching end of the semester! We have 4 more days with the students until they fly away for their winter break. We are not sure where the semester went, but it has been good! We are looking forward to a break and (for me) being able to JUST BE A MOM! I love breaks. I can tangibly feel the pressure lift and I am sure the kiddos can feel it as well. It is hard trying to keep two little ones on a college life schedule. It takes work! This break we have a lot of books to read, lists of catch-up work to complete, but more than anything time to invest in each other and we are excited about that!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

19 Weeks

Today marks the 19th Week of Miss Eden's little life. It was an encouraging week. I am thankful for her huge smiles and cute giggles, but let me tell you when she screams.. SHE SCREAMS... sheesh! This week she has been busy rolling over and she is perfecting the grabbing technique (trust me if my hair wasn't thinning before it is now). It is fun to watch her grow up... one day at a time!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Big EC

The big Ethan Cade is quite a busy boy these days. Micah and I are LOVING his season of life. It is sooo much fun. Ethan and I spent the day yesterday building "fort tunnels", playing football, driving/crashing his cars and just chatting. He loves to talk! We have been working on the alphabet and memorizing Psalm 23. He picks things up so quickly. He woke up from his nap the other day and told me that Jesus was in his heart and that he (meaning Ethan) died on the cross... hum... we are working that little theological miscommunication! It is so precious when he prays and we can only pray that he will continue to have a heart and mind that longs after God.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Women's Tea Invites

Today I made 200 invitations to the Augusta Women's Christmas Tea. It is our 5th annual tea... so I have officially made 1,000 invitations to this event... wow! I had help today and I was so thankful for Paige who stamped, cut and kept me company. This event is one of my favorites of the year - I can't wait. This year I am brewing Sweet Sizzling Cinnamon tea... served with a cinnamon stick and a swirl of whip topping that melts into the tea and makes it deliciously wonderful! Wanna join us?

Thursday, November 5, 2009

18 Weeks

Eden is 18 weeks old and today at her 4 month Dr. appointment she weighed 13lbs - 15 oz and was 24.75 " long. I have been freaking out about her eating patterns - she now eats about 2-4 minutes (4-8 minutes max) and is done... My doctor told me to celebrate that I have a fast eater on my hands... she says there is no need to worry, because Eden looks great and is right on track. I am praying for my tired heart and mind - that I would just relax and ENJOY...