Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Summer Swimming...

The new pool is finally functioning down on campus and since today was super hot and Ethan woke up early from his nap - I took him down to the pool for a little bit of cooling off.

He amazed me! He swam by himself (those arm floaty things are amazing!) and we both got our exercise!!! Micah came down right as we were getting ready to get out, but he still managed to get these pictures. I love how he captures moments!

Right as we were getting ready to leave, Ethan ended up accidentally throwing a football in the pool. He bent over to get it... yeah... you know what happened! I could not run fast enough and luckily my dad beat me over there and grabbed a gasping, scared little boy out of the water. I marvel at how many time in a day God watches over us. My heart-rate remained in the danger zone for a long time after the fact and I am just praying that this little event won't keep Ethan from more fun summer swims!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Some Pics of the Family

Ethan - 22 months old and handsome!
All of us... together.
We are so thankful for God's goodness and blessing to us.
He is so gracious and we are thankful everyday for freedom and life.

Still Waiting...

Waiting... I hate waiting! I remember being a little girl and waiting for my best friend to come over to play - every minute seemed like eternity. Waiting for this baby has felt equally long. Possible because Ethan was born 4 weeks early so in my mind I am almost 4 weeks OVERDUE! I feel tired, stretched and just plain blah.

My parents have been here for the past week... waiting too! But it has been great for Ethan to spend some time getting to know his grandparents and they have been helping with the yard and all the odd projects we have on our to-do lists.

Yesterday we got out of the house and took a BBQ dinner to Nilan Reservoir. It was windy, but beautiful out. The best part of the trip was watching Micah and my dad try to light the BBQ from the car cigarette lighter because we forgot matches. After much man-effort the BBQ was lit only to discover we forgot a spatula to turn the burgers.... no worries a stick worked fine! Ethan played in the water, threw lots of rocks and got all tired out for bedtime! YAY!

After church today we took my parents up to Cataract Falls and had a picnic lunch. It was a gorgeous day and the falls were beautiful. The wildflowers are all in bloom and I got to get some pictures of some lady slippers. I just think they are the most elegant flower... so beautiful.

So in all the waiting we are trying to keep ourselves busy enough so that it doesn't seem like an absolute eternity!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

To Be a Boy

This evening Ethan ran around on the deck playing in the water and squirting everything and everyone with his squirt bottle. He was wild. At one point he was backing up and fell right into this pot - it folded him right in half. It was funny! Thankfully he wasn't hurt and he was able to get a kick out of it as well! It amazes me how many accidents God saves us from... just before this picture was taken Micah was cooking venison on the stove and Ethan ALMOST pulled the whole skillet of oil down on his head. Both Micah and I lunged across the kitchen in the nick of time..... and after our hearts returned to their normal rhythm we just marveled at God's grace! A boy is just an accident waiting to happen and today I am thankful for a few that didn't happen!

Monday, June 22, 2009

It's Beginning to Look Like Summer...

Well... it is beginning to look like summer - at least around our house!  The weather has been cool, but enjoyable!  I love this time of year... gardening, flowers, house cleaning, etc!  We have been so busy working on things it is hard to believe that the month of June is almost gone... school will be here before we know it!!!  YIKES!
This weekend I FINALLY planted my flowers and I love the colors and variety that I am trying out this year.  I hope they bring me joy for the rest of the summer.  I had to laugh because this was one of the last things I had on my list of things to do before the baby arrives.... NOW WHAT AM I GOING TO DO!??  With Ethan I never even got one thing marked off the list - so I am confused as what I should be doing.... should I make another list or kick back in the lazy boy and read books and take naps... hum... such a dilemma! 
(Here is a peek at one of my flower pots!  Can't wait til it fills out... 
it is going to be SO colorful!)

Sunday, June 21, 2009

To the Best Dad in the World!

Micah is most definitely the best dad in the world and we are so thankful that we get to celebrate him today!  I know Ethan loves me, but his love for his dad is soooo different!  They wrestle, read books together, talk together, but more than anything they laugh together.  I can't make Ethan laugh like his dadda can.  I am so thankful for a husband who loves being a dad!  He is so natural at it!  Happy Dadda Day, Micah!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Getting There.... with the Deck!

To give some perspective:  here is our deck last fall.  By this spring almost all the railings had fallen off and when Micah tore down the deck most of the wood was almost rotten through.
Here is the same view... with a little different look.
The view out our front window... love this view!
From the driveway... I think the deck looks like a castle.... where did the house go?

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

How Many Pictures Must We Take?

My husband is a goof.... but I guess with goofy glasses - you should be goofy, so what was my problem!??  Sunday night we went out with the MWSB staff to dinner and a movie.  We went and saw the 3-d version of Up.  It is a great movie - we had lots of fun and laughs (especially with all the staff BEFORE the movie began - what is it about putting on goofy glasses?  Something about how a costume can make you do things you never would normally. I am pretty sure everyone else in the audience wondered what our problem was!)  Ah... how fun it is to just be goofy!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

A Delightful Surprise and Answered Prayers!

Yesterday when I blogged I was so overwhelmed by the mass amount of work that needed to be done on our deck and the weather WHICH seemed to make getting that work accomplished... impossible.  In my head I knew that it would all work out, but in my heart I was totally freaked out wondering how we would finish all the work - without the help of the Bozeman team, with the busy summer schedule upon us, and the coming of baby Forsythe #2. WELL....... what I saw as impossible working conditions - a snow blizzard, cold temps (34 degrees most of the day!), and a very high (wet and dangerous) deck needing to be completed these men from Bozeman saw as a challenge. They worked ALL day long and finished laying down the deck floor.  I ended my day with tears, too.  Such a small thing to God, 
but such a BIG encouragement to my heart and mind.  Times like these I realize how fragile/weak I am and how in need I am to just rest and trust in my God who EVEN cares about getting a wood deck finished.

The deck in the front of our house. (in the picture from L to R: Lhotse, Big Eli, Ethan and Micah).
The deck along side the house and the beginning of the stairs down to the front of the house.
The deck in the back yard and another set of stairs going down to the yard.
(Yes, we still have a bit of work to do, but nothing like what we did have!!!!)

Saturday, June 6, 2009

June Snow!!!?????

After having so much snow all winter long we had the hottest May I have ever experienced.  In fact just last week this time we were flying kites and running around in shorts.  I have enjoyed the weather... but this morning we woke up to snow... it's June - ahhhhh!
Maybe another reason why I was a little more emotional is because our new deck is only partially made and this just happens to be the day we have a crew from Bozeman working on it.  I know in my head that it will get done - one day, but also in my head is the reality that the baby is on its way and it would just be nice to have the deck project behind us... BUT THAT IS JUST IN MY HEAD!  Aren't you glad that God knows what is best? Pray I can get to that understanding sometime today!!!!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

35 Weeks

We got to see our little/big baby again today.  It was very active and so it was really hard to get images, but this is the best profile we have gotten so far.  Ethan was so much more photogenic! I find myself so anxious to meet this little one especially since Ethan was born 6 days from now in comparison.  I wonder if this baby will wait or come early too... I wonder lots of things - like what will this birth be like?  Will I know when its time? How will Ethan react to the little one?  Etc.  But I guess for now I am just really thankful that so far this little miracle is healthy and active (Although can I wish it would stay the size it is now?  I feel HUGE and oh soooo uncomfortable, but thankful!).

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

An Evening Out

The other evening Micah and I went out to take pictures of the sunset (after Ethan had gone to sleep... and the summer staff came up to watch a movie and Ethan).   Here are a few of our pictures.... Micah's is the one in the middle... of course it is amazing!  
We love where we live!
My handsome photographer (what you can't see is the million mosquitos swarming all around him!)
The beautiful sunset (Haystack).
The fields are full of these beautiful "weeds".  I caught this bee busy at work.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Our New Friend

We have a new friend... his name is Chester.  He visits us all throughout the day and just sits and drinks from the feeder we have given him.  Ethan gets so excited when he comes to visit and runs around yelling "hummmming bird" - it is cute.  Chester has been teaching Ethan the lesson of "waiting".... the humming bird isn't ALWAYS around and sometimes we have to WAIT for him to come.  So now Ethan understands the word "wait." Chester has become very protective of his sugar juice and so we get to see lots of humming bird fights... the other evening he tried to attack us... silly Chester.  We love our new friend... he is quite handsome as you can see from the picture Micah captured of him.