Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Mullet Be Gone

It is rather funny to me that my son has a tendency to grow a mullet.  Mainly because I harass students that think mullets are cool.  I just have to remind them that they weren't around back in the 80's when they were in... if they were - they would REFUSE to wear one, but that is just my opinion.  

Well, Ethan's mullet was "really great" according to the students so it was a good "kick in the pants" to get out the scissors and make sure the "really great" mullet went out in the evening trash. 

He is such a handsome boy with his hair freshly cut.  And he did an outstanding job sitting (mostly) still.  After the haircut he thought he needed to take a bath in the sink..... here are the pictures of his second haircut.

Ethan's Favorite Hat!

We call him silly bucket head boy.... he wanders around with it on his head saying "hat... HAT... hat!"

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Date Night with Ethan

What does......baking +
snitching +
Yummy pizza +
finger painting +

a cute chocolate pudding face =

One fun date night with Ethan!

Good-bye Samuel!

Yesterday we said goodbye to Samuel and his parents.  I got kinda emotional!!!  We are sure going to miss that little boy and all the joy and fun that was added to our mornings by his presence.  Why does a week have to go by so quickly!?  I wonder how Ethan is going to handle Samuel being gone?  Last night as we headed down to the dining hall I asked him if he wanted to go see his special "student friends" and he said "Manuel??"  I tried to explain that Samuel left on an airplane (because he is super into airplanes right now), but he keeps asking about him.  I know it will be hard to go back to just playing with Mommy.

Our last morning together we played drums with a bunch of pots from the kitchen.  It was musical and they loved it.  I really pray that Samuel did not learn a bunch of bad habits from us... but I know at least we all had fun!  I have decided to start a play group at the church on Wednesday mornings.  It is a drive, but we can't go on like this without kids to play with and for me... women to talk to.  I pray it will be a good way to meet and know some of the new moms in the community... and if I am like any of them... they need support through this Montana wilderness isolation. ;o)

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

It is Fun to have a Friend!

This week, Ethan has a friend, Samuel... which he call Manuel.  Samuel is here at the school with his parents.  They are teaching this weeks class and so Ethan and I get to watch Samuel in the mornings.  It has been a blast.  (in this picture they are putting coloring crayons in an empty diaper wipe box.... they were captivated by this for at least 15 minutes... it was cute to watch)

A new building on campus is the gym!  It is not totally finished, yet, but enough so that we can go and play in the gymnasium. In the picture above they are playing on the mats in the bouldering/climbing room!  I tell Kevin, (our maintenance man... the one who has built the gym)... THANKS!!!!!! everyday for making a wonderful place for Ethan to play... he was thrilled to share his secret play place with Samuel. 

In this picture, Ethan is feeding Samuel - Cheerios.  It was cute!  After this week, I really wish we could adopt another 16 month old so that Ethan could have this interaction daily.  It has been so good for him and surprisingly it has helped me ACTUALLY have time to work on some of my office work and Bible study stuff... because they keep each other entertained!  Friends are fun.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Ice Time

On Saturday we headed to Bean Lake to watch some students play hockey.  It was a gorgeous day... and since the weather has been really warm the ice was sketchy, but Ethan was still able to experience walking on water (frozen water.. that is!)...  He had a blast stopping in the mud, and the water around the ice's edge.  At one point he laid down and kicked his legs.... what a boy.  He enjoyed himself until he was running across the ice and fell... smoking his head on the ice and somehow getting a good mark on his eyebrow.  After that he was done (plus it was close to his nap time).... so we headed back to the car.  We had to strip him down to his diaper due to all the mud.... and then he snuggled in a warm fleece blanket until we got home.  The weather has been incredibly warm and so we are enjoying every moment we can in the sun!  

One more note... Micah has posted some of his pictures online at 
micahforsythe.smugmug.com.  He wants to see if he can sell his picture online and raise money for different charities... he loves photography and really wants to use his gift to help others.... it is so cool to see him so excited about it!  So go check them out. 

Friday, January 16, 2009

Micah's World

I realize that I often forget to update you guys on what Micah is up to.... mainly because his world is down on campus... and I don't get to capture that on photo very often...  So this morning is the perfect "catch up" opportunity.  Micah took a student out to take pictures this morning - so I thought I would include a couple of the pictures he took.   He has been busy teaching the Spiritual Gift class on Monday nights and besides office work that takes up most of his days - he lead the Imago Dei Ministry team that meet every Tuesday night... they are planning many ministry related activities for this semester - and it is not so much about "doing ministry" as it is learning to live out the gospel.  He is very passionate about this ministry and it is exciting to see him lead it. This week he has been nursing Ethan and I back to health and we are so thankful for the ways he leads and loves this family.  He is amazing. 

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Friday Baby-sitting

Early Friday morning, Ethan I packed up into the car and headed towards Augusta in the dark with snow gently falling.  We were headed out to help out a friend who was getting her wisdom tooth pulled.  Her son (a week older than Ethan) Eli, was going to be our playmate for the morning.  After driving for 45 minutes we finally passed the first vehicle on the road... and it was the snow plow... it made me smile because if I had been still living in Colorado Spring and driving to work it would have been bumper to bumper traffic.  All we had to worry about is driving slow enough to not mess with the icy roads and blowing snow. 

The morning was exciting for Ethan.  He had a whole new world to explore and tear apart.  Eli was very calm and peaceful.  All he wanted to do was to watch his show on the TV.  We had to coax him away to play the piano, wrestle, and play exciting games.  I tried to encourage Ethan to learn how to be as calm and mellow as Eli was, but I don't think he was interested... he had to finish exploring and conquering the house.  It was good for Ethan to have someone to play with.. it is nice for him to learn that the world doesn't revolve around him... even though he might think so!  Cassie and I are trying to get our play group started up again - it is just hard to do when the roads are so bad... and it is easy to stay home than make the almost hour drive.  Next week - Ethan and I will be baby-sitting again, but this time for the visiting teacher's son... Samuel... again they are only a couple weeks apart in age - so it should be a thrilling week of excitement.  I am sure I will post stories.

Monday, January 12, 2009

The After Math

This morning, Ethan and I cleaned the entire house.... wiping it down with pinesol and washing every blanket and towel we own!  Why?  A brutal strand of the flu happened upon our peaceful house and caused chaos and trauma for a 24 hourish time period.  We are trying to recover from it vicious attacks and pick up the fragments of life that were shattered in the wake of violence.  

I have decided that Micah deserves the husband of the year award for the way he took care of Ethan and I while we were on the brink of death.  He hauled the TV upstairs, got enough movies for a week, cooked up chicken noodles soup and bought a bunch of gatorade... and kept us hydrated and comfortable as possible.  He even changed Ethan's diapers all day long.... thank you... thank you... thank you!  

I hope more beautiful things are in our future!

Friday, January 9, 2009

What's New with Ethan...

Check out Ethan's NEW sled... it is even equipped with a seat belt!  It is quite a step up from our "old" sled... a box inside a garbage bag! We spend hours a day playing in the snow.  Even if he is soaked and cold he cries big time when I bring him inside!

Ethan is all about cheesy smiles and his water bottle.  After hijacking mine forever we figured it was time for him to have his own.  It was the best investment we have made so far!  

Thursday, January 8, 2009

I am lonely...

My dad has always cautioned me about how I wear my heart on my sleeve... so I guess, Dad, this is gonna be a sleeve thing.  I am lonely.  I think I may feel more of these feelings lately because I was able to spend 2 whole days with a dear college friend and during those 48 hours I just soaked up the companionship, the familiarity, and the common understanding of each other.  I miss that living in the wilderness.  I may go months or even a year without experiencing or tasting that sweet (FACE TO FACE) companionship and on days like today - when the weather is a little gloomy, I feel overwhelmed with computer work (Ethan work and life work)..... etc.  those are the moments I feel especially lonely.   I finally set aside my pride and asked to be in counseling - so that I can at least have moments of sharing my thoughts, my struggles... and even though it is not a mutual relationship... at least it is face to face with another human that is listening.  So... I say all this to just ask you to pray for me... as I am in counseling that God could use it to strip out the areas that should not be there and that those areas would be replaced by character that would be made beautiful in His time and ESPECIALLY that God would fill in those lonely gaps in my heart. Thanks to you all, my far away friends - for all of your support and love... I do appreciate you - just wish you lived closer so we could sit down face to face and talk!! 

Friday, January 2, 2009

Some of Ethan's Recent Thoughts...

"Yeah, I am a pro at this coloring thing... watch me work the colors!  See I don't even have to sit down... I got this coloring thing mastered."
"Honestly, Mom!  I don't need my snowsuit... I am more than fine going out in the snow - look at me I am more than equipped for the 20 degree weather!  I AM A MONTANA BOY!!!!"
"Wow... this thing is cool... I could just sit here and play in this black circle thing all day!  Food? I don't need food... look at this tasty white stuff!"
"Op-corn time!  Everyone knows the microwaves are for making op-corn.  And plus op-corn is kinda like a veggie so I got the food pyramid down!"
"Every cool 16 mo old (or any 16 mo that knows anything about fashion) has a pair of these super grip pink socks.  I like to assessories with scarves... it makes me look buff."