Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Adventures on Micah's Birthday

Today we celebrate Micah!  32 years of life... and I have been so blessed to be a part of almost 11 of those years! Yeah!  Micah has been the one who has challenged, taught and loved me the more than any other person... and I am thankful!  His wisdom amazes me, his kindness, patience, and gentleness overwhelms me, and his friendship blesses me!  

Happy Birthday, MICAH!

This morning the day started with making Micah a birthday apple pie!  He told me I did not have to make him a pie and I laughed... whatever!  It is your birthday  - you are totally going to get an apple pie!  So here it is finished.....
This afternoon Ciarah, Ethan and I went to Augusta this afternoon for a play group at the pool.  Ethan... once again attacked the water with enthusiasm and excitement, even though it was cold (the pools heater was down) and the wind was blowing!   

After our swim - I got to give Ciarah a tour of our small town... I love where we live.  Even though we don't live in town, I still consider it our small town.... It only took a few minutes to drive around, but Ciarah thought it was cute.

We stopped at my favorite store... Latigo and Lace.  It is filled with unusual art, gifts and stuff.  I just think this store is the most unique store I have ever been to and I just love being in there.  It has a great kid's section - so sometimes Ethan and I just go there to play with the puppets, stuff animals, and the books.  We got coffee and hot chocolate and headed home.

When we got home - Ciarah asked if we could got tubing again... we had a little bit of time so we laid Ethan down for a nap and Ciarah and I went tubing - while Micah and Ethan slept.  We almost died.....!  And I am not even kidding!  Well, maybe!  We hiked a mile up the trail and put in by the pack bridge.  I loved the look on Ciarah's face as we went through the wild water and the small drops.  I have not gone down that stretch in about 2 years... so I have forgotten parts of it. All I could remember is that there were waterfalls... well... to make a very long story short - I had to rescue Ciarah a couple times, I almost got pulled down a waterfall by the current, and we both could barely move when we reached our destination.  I seriously think we both had the first stages of hypothermia!  No one told us that we should not go tubing when the wind was blowing and it was only 76 degrees out.  WE ARE STILL FREEZING... and it is like 4 hours later!  I guess we now share a wild adventure... so good times and thank God we are alive! 

This evening Ciarah watched Ethan and Micah and I were able to go out to dinner to celebrate his birthday.  It was fun to sit and enjoy a meal without distraction.  When we got home we lit candles and sang to Micah... apple pie is a nice way to end the evening!  What a great day! 

Some Fun Pics from Yesterday

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Tubing in the Dearborn

Today was a BEAUTIFUL day!  Not too hot - not too cold!  So late this afternoon we took Ciarah out to run the river... she THOUGHT she was rafting in a big raft, and so she was surprised when we pulled out a little black tube.  The water was the warmest I have ever felt - so it was refreshing!  Ethan and I dropped them off and then drove down 1.5 miles to pick them up. 

 We played in the water, ate rocks (how in the world do you keep little rocks out of little boys mouths!!!!!??), and hiked along the shore.  Ciarah and Micah floated the 1.5 miles and meet us - they had fun and were safe... well - except Ciarah who lost 2 fingernails and her ankle bracelet.... oops!
Then Ethan and I took the tube out for a bit... it was so fun being in the water.  Tomorrow we have another play group in the big swimming pool... I can't wait to see him play... again!  (notice how often we are in water... yeah pretty much all day long - every day!)

Red Shoes

Yesterday, Micah and I took Ciarah to Missoula for the day.  It is a 2.5 hour trek, but it is our favorite MT city and we enjoy it - so we wanted her to be able to get a taste.  We are trying hard to give her a good time - and I know that there are moments where I let my insecurities loose in my mind... thinking... ah she must be hating her time here - or our life is so boring compared to her life in the city - or a variety of other things - but I will not make you endure my thoughts that should be saved for my obvious need for therapy! 

But anywho... Missoula is our favorite city because it is a tiny bit like Portland and Portland will always feel like home for me.... I have so many wonderful memories in that city and so Missoula takes me back in time for the day... and I like that.

My favorite part is watching the town folk.  A lot of them ride their bikes everywhere and they always have the most fascinating clothing combinations.  I love how they mix colors, designs, etc.  They are truly earth-loving, religion despising, liberal thinking, beautiful people... and I so wish I could get to know some of them and tell them about my wonderful Jesus - and how He is the only reason for HOPE, PASSION, and ZEAL.... as I watch them I secretly wish I had their courage to live fully want I believe - and maybe that would include a little crazy outfit wearing.

Since we have had Ethan our days in Missoula are not what they use to be - but still it was fun.  A year ago we would wake up early - travel - get there and slowly wander through downtown... Micah would spend a few hours in the camera shop - while I would visit my favorite tea shop, so fun clothing boutiques, and a couple kid shops. Then we would grab some lunch... usually mexican in nature... cuz we live off of beans and rice.  And find some bookstores, electronic stores for Micah and maybe a fabric or craft store for me....  We spend the whole day just wandering, talking, laughing and enjoying ourselves..... and come home late in the evening.  WELL... Ethan changes that - which is okay... but with him - it causes the pace to be a little quicker, more planned, and A LOT shorter.  

Well... the reason for the title of this blog being red shoes ... is because I got Ethan some red shoes... I might be trying to live out my love for things into him.... but oh well... red shoes are amazing!  This is one of his first pairs of shoes and I am not too sure he likes them, but I figured since we are going to Denver for a visit - he should have at least one pair.  Ciarah suggested that I get a pair that was more neutral in color so that it could go with more of his outfits - and I was confused because red GOES with everything - right?  Everyone should own a pair of red shoes.  They make life more fun!  For the rest of the week we will be in actually "wearing shoes training" - he does not seem to like having anything on his feet... hum!  I can't blame him!  Well.. that was our trip... I forgot to take any fun pictures... sorry... I was upset myself!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Fav Pic of the Day

Yesterday... Picnic up Sun River Canyon

Yesterday, late in the afternoon we drove up to Sun River Canyon to spend some time in the river and enjoy our dinner in the great outdoors.  We took my cousin Ciarah and Adam and Brooke met us there.  

the water - although he would rush into the water only to realize it was freezing and then he would want out.  "Getting out" required him to grab ahold of me with his sandy wet hand and pull his wet little body close into mine - so that both of us were completely soaked, sandy, but happy!  He GOT filthy and I just loved it that his shirts said "Genuine"... he could not get more genuine... covered in mud, sand, and water!  I love having a boy!  

First-time eating junk food

Brooke and Ethan... having fun together! (Ethan LOVES Brooke!... shhh.. don't tell Adam)

A beautiful butterfly playing on the beach...

Friday, July 25, 2008

I was prepared this time...

We went to Helena yesterday to pick up my cousin (who will be staying with us for a week).  So we planned a day of it and did some grocery shopping and then had lunch in the park again!  This water park is amazing!  I am trying to figure out how to build one in my back yard.  Ethan loves the water and especially when it is squirting out of the ground or falling from the sky.  It was especially fun..... because Micah was there and I got to watch him and Ethan play together... they are so funny together! I can't believe this little guy is growing up so fast!  I had to go shopping for clothes because he has almost grown out of everything I have... the teething journey is continuing and it is not fun for him, but I know he will survive and that is what I keep telling him! Oh... what a life we live.... I love it!

Just Play'in Around

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Progression of Our Day.... most days

6:00am... the beginning of the day... 

9:00am... ah naptime! After our 2 mile walk, breakfast, diaper explosion, outfit change... etc!

12:00... laundry time (folding diapers!!!) Not too bad... the house is still okay!

6:00pm.. what HAPPENED! Too bad you can't see in the picture but the dishwasher is completely emptied on the floor... and everywhere that Ethan went .. a mess was sure to follow!

8:00pm.... ah quiet... clean... the end of another day!  Let's do it again tomorrow!