Saturday, June 28, 2008

Life this Saturday....

Ah… lazy Saturday mornings… oh wait – reality…. Little cute alarm clock awaken me around 5:20 am… our 2 mile walk… blueberry lemon scones, happy hippie coffee… weeding the flower beds… planting my columbine seedlings… scoping out buckets of cat poop out of the garden (any hints of how to keep cats out of flower beds? – I have tried the bark idea)… watering the lawn, and washing dishes…. All by 10:00am… Phew… is it NAP TIME?!


Tomorrow, after church we are going camping for a few days in Glacier.  I am looking forward to that… and dreading it at the same time (is that possible?). My mind is full of thoughts of what to pack, what I need to bake… and everything else in the middle.  I hope that Ethan will sleep at nights and not wake up the whole campground… I hope he will enjoy the water and not eat all the rocks on the beach of Lake McDonald.  I hope I will be able to relax and just go with the flow (wow… that would be amazing!) Well… I do believe in God and I do believe in miracles… so you never know what will happen.


An exciting thing of my day is that this might be the day that Micah finishes my garden. This has been a HUGE testimony of his love for me.  He says that he is not talented in the building area, but I think it looks great!  He is worried that the edges don’t line up perfectly… and I think to myself… has anything I EVER made line up evenly?  I am the queen of crooked… so I shall be happy in my crooked garden (although it does not look crooked at all).


 I am putting pictures of the first part of the garden project so that you can see my joy.  I know I can’t have a full garden this year, but I am for sure going to plant radishes and lettuce and stuff like that – that grows super fast. Next summer I will be starting a raspberry patch – dedicated to the memory of my Grandma that loved her patch and wow she made the best raspberry jam… and to my last boss and friend, Julie Ballweber – who had a patch in her front yard and I loved hearing her excitement about getting up early to pick berries.  I know everyone else tells me not to do it – because raspberries are pain, but who cares… don’t pop my bubble.


So… with all that said… I am off to embrace the rest of the day… enjoy yours!

Friday, June 27, 2008

When Messy is Cute

Ethan is right at that age where he is into EVERYTHING. I turn my back for a second and he is gone.  The other day I found him in the bathroom unwinding the toilet paper.  He was having a grand time and it reminded me of a Calvin and Hobbes comic strip.  He looked so innocent - caught up in the moment of fun and I am realizing what really matters in life.  It is not about having a super neat and tidy house, nor is it about keeping the carpet clean or the floor continually swept clean... it is about living life.  And in all reality life is messy.  I could continually scold Ethan for just exploring and figuring out life - or I can let him embrace it and lower my expectations on keeping "order".  A little mess here and there (well, honestly - all over is okay)... I would rather focus on seeing the world through his eyes - than through my eyes!

One more story for the road....

Last night I was putting away leftovers and he crawled over to the fridge and grabbed a peach and started to eat.  Juice was running down his chin and his eyes were filled with delight.  It truly is a funny thing to watch him embrace life.  

Thursday, June 26, 2008

My Little Artist

I had an idea... that it would be fun to introduce Ethan to paints.  He is almost 10 months old and I figured now was a good time.  I found a recipe for finger paint and went to work.  It was super easy and only took about 15 minutes.  I loved how it turned out and the colors were bright and fun!

Well... after the fun of making it - I was EXCITED.  The pictures turned out amazing and it looks like Ethan had a grand time, but the reality of the whole experience is that he was done with the whole paint thing as soon as the camera flashed.  He was more interested in eating it than in smearing it around.  But I will not label the whole experience as a failure - I will merely say it was a first exposure.  So all in all - a total success!  

Recipe for finger paint:
1/2 cup cornstarch
3 T sugar
1/2 t salt
2 cups cold water

Place all ingredients in a quart pot.  Cook on low for about 15 minutes until mixture is thick and smooth - make sure you stir continually.  Divide and add food coloring... store in air tight containers.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

My Newest Craft Project

Last summer I was invited over to tea to a neighbors house.  These neighbors are actually lawyers in NY, but they own the whole other side of the canyon.  My deck looks out on their land - especially their stables and horses (I love hearing the horses in the evening or early in the morning!)  Visiting their home was a treat!  They have the most beautiful house - I am sure it could be photographed and put in Martha Stewart's magazine (one of my all time favorite magazines).  One thing I especially loved was  their walk way into their home.  It was all flat rocks, but in between the stones there was a wooly thyme herb growing... it was so thick it looked like grass.  It smelled amazing and was just lush!  Well... the tea was fabulous!  And the company was delightful, they truly are an amazing family.  One detail I noticed (and I am a detail person) was the little covers that hung over the pitchers to keep the bee/flies out of the tea.  I asked about them and found that she had found them in Africa on one of her trips over there.  I thought they were so delicate, simple yet elegant.  I thought to myself... I can copy that.  Well yesterday Brooke and I got together and started to experiment.  Here is the results.... I just could not help using it this morning for my morning tea!

Just a few thoughts about Sunday....

On Sunday after church we went on a picnic up Sun Canyon with Adam and Brooke Jordan.  We watched Adam run the river on his kayak.  The river was WAY up due to all the rain we had and the snow packs that have been melting in our new warm weather. Then we enjoyed our picnic dinner by river... Being outside is so refreshing!
This is a picture of Ethan in the nursery at church.  He looks so old in this picture... I could not resist putting him in here... a few times!
I have finally found a new babysitter... the cooler!  I can put him in here and cut veggies, cook stuff on the stove and he just hangs out.  When he tries to get out I just hand him something else and he is preoccupied for a few minutes... don't think this babysitter will last very long, but I sure enjoyed it Sunday while I made our picnic lunch! 

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Swimming on top of a Villa

Ever since I watched Return to Me, I have wanted to go to Italy...  well between the movie and my college friend Diane Bailey (Diane is in love with Italy and her passion for the country has spread to me... I LOVE ITALY). 

I LOVE the scene in Return to Me, where Grace wakes up in Italy.  There is something in that scene you can almost feel.  I have dreamed about waking up in Italy and having the breeze blow through my window.... it seems almost magical. 

 I will have to ask my friend, Diane if she ever felt there while living there... hum!  

Well... the other evening it was around 90 degrees and I set up Ethan's swimming pool on our deck.  With the sun shining down, the flowers and the birds singing it almost felt like Italy.  I loved the moment.  It was fun to watch my little boy play in the warm evening breeze!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Lazy Saturday Summer Exploring

Today was BEAUTIFUL!

  This morning we talked about what we should do with this fine day, because it just could not go to waste. 

 Ethan was due for a nap and so we went on a drive.  We drove up a canyon outside of Augusta - where there was a game reserve and it was magnificent!

  Everything was SO green and the wildflowers were incredible.  Micah and I took lots of pictures and just enjoyed the sun and the creation.  

What a creative, awesome God we have!  Everytime I look at wildflowers I am amazed at the detail, the color, the shape... the BEAUTY!  Wow!  

Ethan slept most of the way and the other part of the trip he was enjoying the ride!  Since we were way back in the mountains and driving about 5 miles per hour... Ethan got to drive for the first time!   He found the horn and so we kissed seeing a bear goodbye.  

Like all good adventures there was a little bit of conflict...  1. we drove up this narrow little rocky road... there were a lot of sketchy parts... including a cliff off the driver side.  We scrapped bottom a few times and almost scraped the whole side on the passenger side.  We were laughing and wondering why we came up this road, when we rounded a corner and saw a gate!  There was no where to turn around because of the cliff off the driver side so we had to back ALL the way down the road.  It was thrilling... I don't think I breathed the whole way down... we just laughed when we finally were able to turn around!
2. We blew a fuse for our automatic seat belts and so they would not lower, so we drove most of the way with our seat belts out in front of us (never knew automatic seat belts had a fuse?).  At least we didn't get a flat tire!

The day made us smile! We can't wait for more lazy days like this!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Something you should probably not blog about...

Okay... I have had a wild morning and as I type this it is only 8:30... wow!  Ethan got up around 5 and I figured he could cry it out for awhile, but that did not last very long because I could tell he just needed a little love.  So we snuggled under blankets for a little while and then we went on our morning walk.  Well... I guess I have to interject here and give a little bit of history... I have been looking into cloth diapers for a while - just because we live so far away from civilization and I reasoned in my mind that I can always wash cloth diapers (so I would not run out) - and cloth diapers would mean less trash to haul all the way to the dump... so after months of research and trying different kinds I think I have found some good cloth diapers. 
Okay - one more point of history - Ethan and I have had a rough go with life in general - from jaundice, to colic, to acid reflux, to constipation - a long interesting road to travel for a little guy and a mom who wishes she could just take the pain.  So with that in mind I was thinking cloth diapers would not be THAT bad.  If he is constipated - you really don't have too much to clean out of a diaper... like nothing!  Well... since I got the cloth diapers the dam has broken.  I think I have found the solution for constipation... just put a little piece of cloth over their cute little checks and bam!  life is good! 

 Before 7 we went through two blow outs - think of me.... please just give a little prayer for me today!  ;o)

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Camp 2008: Fear This

Well C-N Camp is coming to an end - after a busy week!  I can hear the voices at the campfire as I type this update.  It has been a good week!  The theme this year was FEAR THIS - and basically it is about what it means to fear the Lord instead of others. We spend weeks working on the decorations and I was thrilled that they looked good. This year has been different for me, because of Ethan (mainly).  Instead of directing/leading the camp I just get to help out.... it has been very nice - a lot less stressful!

This week Ethan has enjoyed watching all the kids play crazy games (that his dad helped invent!!!) and I have been proud of him as he has actually been flexible around the longer/busier hours.  This morning he sat and watched us as we filled up over 600 water balloons.  And yesterday I was really proud of him... he and I went to town to get some needed things and he was so good.  Now... if you have never been out our way you may not realize what an amazing thing that is!   Going to town is a major journey... we have to travel an hour and 1/2 (that is 3 hours round trip) to get to town and so when we get there we stock up - especially since gas is $3.99 a gallon.. YIKES!  Ethan and I loaded the van full of snack shop things... soda, water, candy, soil/bark for the garden, etc.  He was so patient with me and that was a huge blessing because the list was LONG! 
We are thrilled that our summer break is almost here.  It will be nice to have a few moments to prepare for the fall - because the MWSB class of 09 will be here before we know it!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Mommy Moments

There are moments in my day when I catch Ethan doing something that just leaves me amazed.  He is truly a miracle and I just love him!  I came out of his room just a moment ago (from organizing and folding his bigger clothes and putting away the clothes he has grown out of), he was laying on the living room floor just playing away and I just wanted to take a picture to capture that memory forever, but unfortunately my camera is down in the diaper bag.  I realized in the moment of realization (of the missing camera) that this was a moment only for me.  One of the millions I will keep in my heart forever.... what a gift!

Life is full for us right now.  It a busy week of camp.  Micah is down on campus engaged with all the teenagers - leading game and running powerpoint for the chapel services.  I am watching Ethan and trying to help out in as many ways as I can.  Oh, how I remember summer camp - it was the highlight of my life each year and when I look at all the campers running around - I really can't imagine that I looked that young at that age... hum... I must have been more mature?

The picture I put with this post:  1- Ethan at registration.  He was entertaining the campers and eating something.  2 - Ethan dancing with Katie - during game time... I was running around taking pictures.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Gardening with Ethan

I just came in from watering and weeding my flower/herb beds and I just had to show off my new pictures of Ethan.  I am not sure if a mother should be proud of all the "new things" her son does, but this was just too much for me!  I could not help but just laugh.  I placed him on a blanket in the middle of the lawn and then I went over to the flower bed to weed.  The next thing I knew was that he was right next to me and I thought he was just playing with the dirt... throwing it outside of the flower bed when I realized he had mud coming out of his mouth.  I wonder how it tasted?  Could not have been too bad because later he got over to my weed bucket and began to pull out all of the weeds... until he came across a rock... I guess it was too good to pass up.  Do you need dinner, Ethan?

It is going to be such a good summer!  

Brag on God!

"For since the creation of the world God's invisible qualities have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that men are without excuse."
(Rom 1:20)
"I will praise You, O God, with all my heart; 
I will tell of all Your wonders.  
I will be glad and rejoice in You; 
I will sing praise to Your name, O Most High." (Ps 9:1-2)

An Update and Celebration of "firsts"

Well, life is good!  It has been a full week in the life of Team Forsythe. Nana (Mom Forsythe) came for a visit.  And it was refreshing to have her here.  She filled our house with joy (through her presence) and understanding (through her listening and sharing her journey).  Plus it was just fun to watch her with Ethan and see Ethan respond to her.

Ethan is about 21.5 lbs and about 30 inches long.  And after a month fast from food, he is finally starting to eat again... (not like he was starving).  This morning he had some of a pumpkin muffin, and he loved it.  
The exciting news it that in the last day or two he has started to make his first sign language signs.  It is pretty exciting to see him ask for milk and get excited when he gets it.  Although, the sign for milk has become the sign for anything that he wants.   After 5 months of signing to him - it is exciting to see him respond.  It gives us motivation to teach him more words. 

And one more little thing... we think teeth are coming soon... maybe?

Monday, June 9, 2008

Every Boy needs a ball!

Every time we go to someone's home Ethan always is given a ball to play with and HE LOVES IT!  I have felt like a bad mom for a while because we don't have a single ball in the house!  I have even put a ball down on the shopping list, but somehow I have always forgotten in the mad town rushes.  So finally this Saturday I was not about to go another week without an essential toy for my son so I got on the internet and googled "ball patterns" - I found some ideas and then proceeded to make my own pattern and I made Ethan 4 balls.  It was fast and fun and now he can play his heart out! Oh happy day!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Micah's Home, New tent, etc!

After 25 long days, Micah finally returned from Africa!  It was so good to see him and Ethan was thrilled.  We both had been wondering what Ethan would do when he saw his dad for the first time, and I have to say we both were happy!  Ethan was not sure at first, but then he broke into a huge smile.  A smile I had not really seen since his daddy left... he remember him and I am back to being chopped liver... oh well... I did enjoy one month with having him to myself.
I thought I would put on a picture of our massive NEW family tent.  After camping in Moab in the small tent I got back when I was in college - we decided it was time for an upgrade.  The amazing gift that we were surprised with was our REI rebate... YEAH!  Micah had paid for the African airline tickets with our credit card and so we got a "free" tent from it.  Nice!  Camping here we come!
The other picture I have included is of Ethan and Lady (and her babies).  Ethan loves animals and it is amazing what this cat will let him do to her.  I always watch very carefully for signs of irritation... but generally she just thinks that Ethan pulling out all her hair feels like a Swedish massage.  She will have kittens any day now and those kittens will join the 3 kittens that were already born to our other cat, Twitch.  Yes, lots of cats, but I like to look on the bright side... now more mice or RATS!  If I have a choice .... I would choose cats any day!