Sunday, May 25, 2008

Water, Water Everywhere!

These are some pictures that I took on my way to church this morning!  

There is a little story book that I read to Ethan that is about water and I have read it to him so many times that I have it completely memorized... so all the way to church  was saying to myself, 
"Water, water everywhere - water near and far... let's use our hands and feet to count how many kinds there are..."  

This rain has been unbelievable - it has not stopped pouring down rain for the past 4 days!  I heard we have already gotten over 10 inches and it is still coming down strong.  There is even a little creek behind our house and I was told that we have several waterfalls too.  If the rain pauses for a minute or two - Ethan and I might hike up to look at them!  I love spring rain... and I love the flowers that come up because of it!  

Saturday, May 24, 2008

My Little Tornado!

My friend made a comment about how she is working on her house - due to the damage from a tornado.  It made me smile, because I have a little tornado in my house.  It is amazing how he can completely destroy the living room in about 10 minutes.  If the toys are all in his toy box - he has to dump them out.  If his books are stacked by the chair - he has to pull them down. If his clothes are folded from the laundry - he has to unfold them.  Just yesterday I looked over to find him unloading the dishwasher.  Even right now he is going from his room to the living room making one mess after another.  

In saying this I want to point out that I am so glad that he can move.  I am glad he is curious and active and healthy.  I am glad he loves to explore.  I love that he has to climb up on everything, to hold everything... I just hope he continues to embrace life and live.  Who cares about the house!

Marriage is like a Fine Wine

Marriage is like fine wine.. it increases in value and taste with time.  It is not something that just happens with time, but it takes care and work! 

Lately I have been hearing about a lot of marriages that are ending after a few years of their beginning, or marriages that are ending after YEARS of time - because of unfaithfulness/or lack of attention, and I feel bad for them because they are throwing out something that could be (or is/or should be) extremely valuable "one day".  Marriage is not about "feeling in love" or "getting your needs met"... it is about commitment, self sacrifice (not being a doormat!!!), it is about what you give - not what you get... it is about love.  Love is an action, love is a choice, and most importantly love is God!  If we KNOW Him - then we can truly LOVE EACH OTHER! Every time I try to wrap my mind around love I get overwhelmed - it is truly beyond our comprehension and so in the life we will only experience glimpses/tastes of what love is.  Do we realize this or are we so focused on the here and now that we FORGET what lies in front of us.  This life is not IT - it is but a second, a dress rehearsal for the REAL life to come!  So back to marriage - can we lay aside ourselves to love - but for a moment?  To give - but for a moment?  To be faithful - but for a moment?  To work at it - but for a moment?  To swallow our pride - but for a moment? To say "I am sorry" - but for a moment?  The moments will come and pass... but the value and taste will increase with each of them! 

That is my little thought for the day... and I think I was thinking about that because Micah and I just celebrated our 8th wedding anniversary this week.  8 years seems short and a life time all at one time.  Through out the years our marriage has increased in value over time.  We have been through hard times (brain surgery, 6 moves, school, lots of money, hardly any money, etc). We have fought, cried, laughed, had adventures, but more than anything we have loved each other.  I pray God's protection over our marriage and I pray that we would both remain faithful, committed, and engaged.  I ask for His grace to flow over us and give us the strength to increase in value as the years go by! I hope for another 50+ years of marital bliss.  I love you, babe!
Oh Yes!  These are chocolate covered Strawberries, Micah sent me these for our anniversary!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Home again.. home again... YEAH!

I'll admit the truth... I am a home body!  I love being home and truly to me there is no place like home!  So it feels good to sink my feet into the carpet of my living room floor... to have Ethan play in a baby proofed house, and to allow the warmth and comfort of my home to surround me! 
Ethan and I spent the last week in Reno... and we truly had a wonderful time.  Below are pictures of our time.  Ethan played in the pool - and if I would have left him there the whole time I am sure he would have been happy!  He got to play with his 7 cousins and I really think they liked him as much as he enjoyed them.  I was so thankful to be able to see all of my brothers and to spend the evening chatting with my parents. Family is a blessing and I am glad to have spent this past week away from my home to be at home with my family.

Ethan in the pool... see he loves it!
Ethan with some of his cousins!
Ethan, Gramps and I!
My three brothers... Micah, Adam, Nathan
My original Family!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Trip to Reno

Well, Ethan and I braved the great world of travel by ourselves and we survived!  We are in Reno for a week to visit family and to watch my kid brother graduate from medical school. 
I took Ethan outside to play on the grass and he just cracked me up.  He would not let his hands or his feet touch the grass. It was so funny... I just had to grab my camera.  I am sure there will be a lot more stories to come, but for now we are here and happy.  

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Finally... Ethan's first pictures!

Ethan is 8 months old today and I have been putting of getting pictures for way too long.  So I planned the day - play group at 10:00 - then Ethan could take his nap during our 1.5 hour trip to Great Falls, then pictures, then shop, and then another nap on the way home.  Well!  First I created a little bag of picture clothes - If Ethan were to wear his clothes to play group they would look like he went paint balling - by the time we left.  Then off to play group.  Everything was fine and dandy until I heard a little cry.  Ethan had decided to head-butt a metal tractor. Oh, yes!  A little purple/red goose egg was beginning to form on the side of his forehead.  Immediately I assumed the picture plan was out the window... when after a little while the swelling went down and soon it look merely like a little pimple.  So - I figured that can't be too bad - pimples happen... right?  After play time - the nap in the car went well - got to Walmart.  Well - I had called several weeks before to make an appointment and the lady told me they did not make appointments - great! But when I arrived - I was told that yes in fact they do make appointments and it was the exact time the photographer was going to lunch!  Great - we had to wait an hour!!!!  Now in baby time  - that might as well be a YEAR!  But he did well - he only got a little bit of spit up on his shirt - and when he got up on the table he smiled - then proceeded to try to crawl off the table.  It was a wild time, but in the end we ordered pictures.  I thought he looked amazing - and while I was watching him smile - I wondered, could I love him more?

Friday, May 2, 2008

Ethan's first camping trip... to Moab, UT

Camping 101:
Well, Ethan experienced his first camping trip!  He loved the dirt and playing in the tent.  The trip (12 hours drive - 24 total!) was a little bit tough, but we can say we did it! Moab is a beautiful place... and as I looked at all the rocks balanced on each other, I could not help wondering if God had a lot of fun making that place.  It was beautiful, but honestly I am thankful to be home!