Sunday, January 28, 2007


I think it is safe to say that neither Micah or I possess great acting abilities... yet I have been a drama teacher for the last 3 years. If you know me real well - that should make you laugh... unless you know me REAL well and you know that I am a full out drama queen. Today is our first performance and I am always equally as nervous as the actors, because I really want them to do well! In fact after every performance I have a massive headache, because I unconsciously hold my breath the entire time (this year I will try to breath!) I am excited about this years drama because it is about the consistency of God's character... even in the midst of trials.
When things are tough, we are so quick to blame God - God, why weren't you there? or God, why did you let this happen? I have learned and am still in the process of learning that - that perspective is so wrong.... God is God and we are not (big surprise!) He is still good and in control in good times and in bad times. I hope that the audience goes away with a new perspective about our never-changing - always consistent God. He is GOOD!

Thursday, January 25, 2007

A Warm Day in January

It was a beautiful and clear day! The weather was quite warm -- around 49 degrees and so my morning walk was very enjoyable! I have a harder time getting fresh air when the temp. is below zero...
Well, it has been awhile since I have attempted to figure out more information about life on the internet. I am not sure that I am doing a good job of figuring it out. I guess I have the excuse that I live in the wilderness and we spend more time outside then on the computer... yeah I like that excuse.
Micah and I are organizing a spring break trip to Portland, OR to give them the opportunity to serve the homeless. We meet every day to spend time preparing ourselves and our team by praying for each other. It always excites me how amazing it is that God loves to hear us, infact I really think that He looks forward to our daily prayer meetings. I look forward to see how this trip will come about.


Friday, January 12, 2007

There always has to be a beginning

Hum... I have never been sure what I think about typing my thoughts - only to post them on the internet.. it seems so permanent. Yet, I really love my friends and I really love reading about their lives... so there is always a time to try something new. So here I go...... cgf